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5 best gaming smartphones

Rating 2018: a review of popular smartphones for games If you do not take into account that playing on a screen with a small diagonal is not very comfortable, the main criteria for choosing the best gaming smartphone should be the performance of the graphics subsystem and RAM. As for performance, hardware platforms that are not less than 20 thousand points in the popular 3DMark Ice Storm GPU benchmark demonstrate an acceptable level for modern games.

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10 best varieties of blueberry

The description of the best varieties of blueberries - according to the reviews of gardeners Blueberries garden on the dacha plots is still a wonder, but experienced gardeners have already found an approach to it. Capricious savage miserly on the crop, but wishing to eat from the bush useful and tasty berries grows every year. We present you the description and photos of the best varieties of blueberries - according to experienced gardeners.

Bath description 1MarKa Love 185x135

Bath 1MarKa Love 185x135 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Specifications General characteristics Type freestanding Material acrylic Number of people 2 Shape non-standard, angular design Functionality Disinfection no Ozonation no Underwater lighting no Multicolor lighting no Features removable front panel Dimensions, volume and weight Volume 330 l Dimensions (LxWxH) 185x135x44 cmn Additional information options: drain / overflow, curtain for the bath, headrest, handles, mixer Reviews of acrylic bath 1MarKa L ove 185x135 Advantages The original form, it is really convenient to take a bath together.

Rowenta CF3345F0 Curler Description

Rowenta CF3345F0 curler - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Specifications Specifications Type tongs Maximum heating temperature 200 C Readiness indication for operation Features Design display, loop for hanging, rotation of the cord around its axis Rowenta CF3345F0 Curve Dignity Tourmaline coating is safe for hair - I use it several times a week until my hair has deteriorated Rapid heating Several temperatures GOVERNMENTAL modes - can be matched to your type of hair is no shortage of grip, that is.

Laptop Review Lenovo Yoga 2 11

Simple Yoga - Flexible and Affordable Pros. Yoga 2 11 is well made for a budget laptop. In fact, Lenovo offers a hybrid tablet and laptop, but cheaper than its older brothers. The keyboard and touchpad are just as impressive for the price. Minuses . A less powerful processor does not differ in performance, and the keyboard flexes even when lightly pressed.

9 best shampoos for colored hair

Save the brightness of the color! Girls know how difficult it is sometimes to achieve the desired shade on the hair. What tricks you don’t have to go to - lighten up, tint, make washes ... Often it takes months! And when the desired color, luxurious, rich, playing in the sun is finally received, I want to save it for a long time.

10 best sites for finding remote work

With the help of these sites, remote work is in a flash. Agree, the times are not easy now. The world is constantly shaken by new and new economic crises. From this increases unemployment and reduced living standards. For people without education and even for specialists it is becoming more and more difficult to find an occupation that would be to their liking and at the same time generate income.

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Overview of the refrigerator Bosch KGS39XW20

Bosch KGS39XW20 refrigerator - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Type refrigerator with freezer Location free standing Location of freezer compartment bottom Color / Coating material white / plastic Electronic control Energy consumption class A + n (304 kWh / year) Number of compressors 2 Number of chambers 2 Number of doors 2 Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x65x200 cm Cold Defrosting of the freezer compartment manual Defrosting of the refrigerator compartment drip system Autonomous cold storage up to 22 Freezing power up to 9 kg / day Open door alarm - sound Additional options supercooling, superfrost, temperature display Volume Total volume 352 l Refrigerator volume 257 l Freezer volume 95 l Other functions and features Shelf material glass Possibility of hanging the door there Climatic class SN, T Reviews of the Bosch KGS39XW20 refrigerator Benefits + Relatively quiet, with the simultaneous operation of both compressors (rarely, for example when packing products) sometimes you have to listen Posted in General if it works.

12 best car all season tires

Choosing the best all-season 2019 - and ride all year round. All-season tires themselves cause a lot of controversy among motorists. Supporters of all-season rubber will defend that it is convenient and very economical, because it does not require seasonal “pereobuvki”, and our winters, for example, in Moscow, where the main roads are regularly cleaned, you can safely survive.

15 best strollers

We are looking for a stroller for all weather and roads! Any stroller designed for walking with the baby - it is a fact. But strollers are usually divided into a separate group - it is moderately light and compact, but at the same time functionally complete models. It would seem that everything is simple, but now to buy a high-quality and comfortable “walk”, parents will have to work hard, choosing from a huge variety of offers.

7 best car gauges

Pressure under control It is hardly worth repeating once again that the pressure in automobile tires must be maintained at the level set by the manufacturer. A good compact pressure gauge does not take up much space in the trunk, and it will definitely bring benefit. However, the choice has its own important nuances. “Analog” gauges will inevitably have a variation in the parameters for manufacturing a tubular spring, so they need time-consuming calibration - and how a particular (and most often Asian) manufacturer will perform it, only he knows.

10 best new smartphones in 2016

Faster, higher, stronger - leaders competition Author: Vladimir Nizhenets We offer you an overview of the best new smartphones presented in 2016. It is based on both a generalized opinion of several reputable online resources and customer reviews, so we hope that our material is fairly objective and useful.

8 best tops for gel polish

Rating the best tops for gel polish - according to experts and buyers. Applying a topcoat for gel polish is the final stage of gel manicure, which can not be neglected. Experienced nail masters are confident that it is the quality of the stamp that largely determines how it will look and how long the coating will be worn.

5 best Nokia smartphones

Review of the best Nokia phones - according to reviews of experts and buyers Recall that the rights to this famous trademark now belong to the Chinese company HMD Global (a subsidiary of Foxconn). The headquarters in the Finnish city of Espoo, most likely, plays the role of a kind of "wedding general." Anyway, the glorious past obliges the new owner to keep the bar of quality at a good level, but there is no need to take experience in the Foxconn smartphone building.

Description of the tent NORDWAY TWIN SKY 4

Tent NORDWAY TWIN SKY 4 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Purpose camping Inner tent has Number of places 4 Frame type external Geometry hemisphere Construction Number of entrances / rooms 2/2 Number of vestibules 1 Ventilation windows yes No windows Internal pockets No Storm draws Canopy has Protection Water resistance of an awning 1200 mm.

5 best refrigerators to give

Review of inexpensive, small and unpretentious refrigerators Author: Oleg Yasinsky Someone visits his country estates for unity with nature, someone works and takes care of the harvest, but there is always a moment for rest, or at least for a meal. At home, the hand habitually reaches for the refrigerator. Why in the country should be different?

9 best shampoos for colored hair

Save the brightness of the color! Girls know how difficult it is sometimes to achieve the desired shade on the hair. What tricks you don’t have to go to - lighten up, tint, make washes ... Often it takes months! And when the desired color, luxurious, rich, playing in the sun is finally received, I want to save it for a long time.

Top 15 amps

Crank up your speakers and headphones! Let's say you have cool headphones or great speakers. They can work fine by themselves, but a good amplifier will turn the sounds they reproduce into true masterpieces. In our rating - only the best devices that will bring you a lot of positive emotions when listening and never disappoint.

Description of Koyr's motor-tower

Koyra motor-towers - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics The all-season Koyra motor-tower is equipped with motors of 6.5, 9 or 13 horsepower. On cheaper models, a gearbox is used as a transmission, and in more expensive models, the Safari. Also can be equipped with electric starter and battery.