What is better - a double boiler or a slow cooker?

Understand the differences between these devices and find out what you need

The appearance on the market of technical products of various new products can not be overlooked. This also applies to multicookers and steamers. And quite often, many people when choosing such devices think about what is better: a slow cooker or a double boiler. The name of these devices are similar, but they function differently. It is necessary to understand the differences between these devices and determine what you need.


Steamer has a fairly simple structure. At its base there is a container where water is poured. After boiling water, steam begins to flow into containers, where pre-laid products are located. So the food is steamed.

Steamer is indispensable for people who follow a diet. It allows you to avoid eating fats, and allows you to cook tasty and healthy dishes for the whole family.
Advantages of double boilers

  • Convenient and efficient steaming.
  • Allows you to solve simultaneously tasks that are not related to cooking. For example, the sterilization of dishes or heated dishes.
  • The possibility of simultaneous preparation of various dishes, due to the presence of different containers and containers.
  • Preservation of vitamins in food, preparation of healthy and healthy food.

Disadvantages of Steamers

  • The difficulty of cooking some products, for example, cereals.


The slow cooker allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes. This device is a kind of modernization pressure cooker, rice cooker, oven and steamer. With it you can fry, cook, bake, stew and steam, while not wasting time and effortlessly.

The device of this device consists of a cooking tank, an electrical heating element, a processor that is responsible for automatic operation, and a steam system.
Advantages of multicookers

  • Many cooking modes that allow you to cook a variety of dishes and even bake.
  • Existence of function of the delayed start and heating, supporting dishes in a warm state.
  • The presence of a large number of different functions that make using the device simple, comfortable and convenient.

Disadvantages of Multicookers

  • Cooks for a very long time in some cases compared to regular cooking on the stove.
  • The difficulty of adding additional products to the device and changing modes.
  • The possibility of cooking only one dish at a time.

What is the difference between multicookers and steamers?

Cooking method. This is the main difference between these units. The slow cooker can bake, roast, cook on the grill and steam, cook, and the steam cooker cooks dishes only with the help of steam.
Functionality. Steamer can cook, defrost and reheat. A slow cooker can replace a pan, a steamer, an oven, a saucepan, a fryer, and a stove.
The amount of food prepared. Complete with a double boiler can be several containers of different volume, with a slow cooker - only one bowl of 2.5-4.5 liters. This means that in a double boiler you can cook several dishes at the same time, and in a slow cooker - one.
Cooking speed. In the slow cooker, the cooking process is often very slow, unlike the steamer. But there are models of multi-cookers with steaming function that “hover” dishes for the same time as the double boiler.
The usefulness of the dishes. For many housewives, the usefulness of food is important. And in the double boiler there are no rivals: the preparation of all products is performed on a pair with the preservation of all the nutrients and vitamins.
Cost of. Multivarki are more expensive, a simple model with average indicators costs almost 3 times more expensive than a double boiler with the same parameters. But there are steamers, the cost of which will leave behind all multicookers. The cost of devices depends on the speed of preparation, the number of functions, the volume of bowls and other criteria.

Multivarki with steamer function

Do you want both? Some models of multicookers have the function of steaming, which is very convenient. But such a device is mainly designed for people who do not constantly cook food for a couple, because the device is equipped with only a small capacity, which does not allow cooking several dishes at the same time.

A good reputation among such devices earned multicooker Redmond RMC-M 70, created for the realization of culinary talents in full and turning the cooking process into a pleasant and even favorite activity. The device has more than 30 programs, it is completed with a bowl with a non-stick multi-layer coating, a fryer basket, a double-steamer container, a ladle, a flat spoon and a measuring cup.
Also worth a look at Philips HD-3033combining a nice price and great functionality. According to the owners, the Philips HD3039 00 multicooker cooks a good pair too.
A huge opportunity is a compact device Panasonic SR-Tmh 18that implements all the cooking methods that are used in a healthy diet. Stewing, steaming, baking, frying - all collected in one device. It not only facilitates the cooking process, but also makes it possible to plan it.
Such multicookers are able to replace the stove in the kitchen. They will significantly save time and cherish the power of housewives.

What to choose - a double boiler or a slow cooker?

This choice depends entirely on the needs of the buyer. If you care about your body shape, health, metabolism, then you should choose a steamer with its fish, vegetables and steamed steak. Steamer is indispensable for people who are forced to stick to a diet for health reasons. It will be useful for families with small children.
But if you are not afraid of fats and carcinogens, then you can safely buy a slow cooker - with it you can try a lot more different recipes.
It is also necessary to determine the importance of the possibility of simultaneous cooking of several dishes - only the double boiler can cope with it.

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