The most useful and interesting news in coffee grinders

Quiet, fast and lump free

Coffee without lumps

Continuing to improve the technology Clump Crusher, which removes lumps in ground coffee. It reduces to a minimum (less than one gram) the amount of coffee that remains in the system and enters the portafilter with the next batch. So you will always enjoy freshly ground fragrant coffee, reduce the time to clean the grinder and reduce the consumption of coffee beans.

Clump Crusher can be purchased separately. Particularly pleased that the manufacturer has taken care of consumers and made it possible to use these tips on models of past years (in 2015 similar tips will appear for a few more dozens of coffee grinders).

Time saving

If you think that it is impossible to save time on grinding coffee, then it's time to make sure of the opposite. Mahlkonig presented the K30 Vario coffee grinder, which will be available for sale at the end of February 2015. This stylish coffee grinder is equipped with modern electronics, which reduces the time to prepare a single batch of ground espresso coffee (about 7 grams) to 1.9 seconds. Imagine: a ready batch of freshly ground coffee in less than 2 seconds! But the less coffee is exposed to external factors, the more natural and natural will be the taste of the finished drink.

Maintaining the temperature of the millstones

The effect of the temperature of ground coffee on the taste of the finished drink is difficult to overestimate. Professional barista experiments every day and determine the very ideal heat, at which their drink will bring real pleasure to coffee lovers. After a series of experimental tests and experiments, it was determined within 35-45 degrees Celsius.

Maintaining this temperature in the coffee grinders of different manufacturers are engaged in different systems. In particular, Clima Pro grinders are equipped with a heating element with an advanced sensor that warms and maintains the temperature of the millstones at least 35 degrees. This temperature is maintained automatically and is reached in about 10 minutes. When it is exceeded, automatic airflow is activated.

Some other manufacturers in 2015 will add a special grinding of millstone teeth as a passive cooling system, which makes it possible to grind coffee beans as efficiently as possible with minimal effort. This will allow the coffee mixture not to overheat, even in those days when the grinder is used almost constantly.

Another innovative solution to the problem is the aluminum radiator, which is equipped with the latest models of coffee grinders. It absorbs and dissipates the heat that millstone grinders emit during operation. In addition, the radiator is a separate element of a stylish and unusual design.

One head it's good, but two better

Among the new products announced by Mahlkonig is the K30 Twin coffee grinder. It is equipped with modern high-precision electronics, which allows to prepare ground coffee simultaneously for two portafilters. The coffee grinder is equipped with a portion counter and protection against unauthorized access to the settings you set (you can protect the settings menu with a password). And to save more time, the grinder is turned on immediately after fixing the portafilter in the mount - now there is no need to press the extra buttons, wasting precious seconds. By the way, the port filter mounts are standard, so the K30 Twin is suitable for grinding coffee for any existing coffee machine today.

Grinding coffee is a delicate matter

Modern coffee grinders take into account the variety of tastes of real coffee connoisseurs, therefore, they are equipped with the newest and most accurate electronics that allow you to adjust the degree of grinding: from coarse with large fractions to the smallest particles similar to coffee dust. One of the new products that will enter the market in 2015 is equipped with a scale on which you can choose 19 different degrees of grinding. And since there is a smooth adjustment, you can choose even much more options, and finally choose the one that suits you.

Silence should be in the house

Manufacturers of any household appliances are trying to reduce the noise produced by it during operation and hardly conquer every extra dB from powerful engines. Coffee grinders manufacturers are no exception, because the ritual of drinking coffee is often associated with silence and tranquility before a noisy and bustling working day. In order to achieve the lowest levels of noise, they experiment with motors and insulation, equip units with durable supports absorbing vibration, and their experiments bear fruit. For example, the K30 Vario announced in 2015 produces noise at 55 and 75 dB (at idle and during operation, respectively). This is a real record for a full-sized professional coffee grinder of this level.

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