12 best radio receivers

2018 rating: the best radios for expert and customer reviews

Sometimes it seems that the radio is a thing of the past. Many people like to use a flash drive or a memory card where their favorite music is stored, or download it to your smartphone. However, there is no substitute for the pleasure of “walking” through radio waves in search of a favorite radio station or a good song. If you remain a fan of “Europe Plus” or, for example, “Sport FM”, then this rating of the best radio receivers of various types, compiled according to customer reviews, is especially for you!

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best radio clock1Sony ICF-C1T9.7 / 102 450
2Ritmix RRC-8189.6 / 101 400
3Philips AJ 34009.5 / 101 750
Top Portable Radios1Tecsun PL-398MP9.7 / 105 290
2Panasonic RF-35009.6 / 103 270
3Tecsun PL-3109.5 / 103 387
4Bosch GML Soundboxx9.4 / 109 299
5VIKEND Sport9.2 / 101 430
The best stationary radios1Sangean WR-1210 / 1015 950
2Panasonic RF-800UEE-K9.8 / 104 190
3Roadstar HRA-1500 / N9.6 / 106 390
4TELEFUNKEN TF-1634UB9.5 / 102 170
5Hyundai H-SRS1009.1 / 101 590

The best radio clock

Sony ICF-C1T
2 450

It's nice to wake up in the morning to the music of your favorite radio station, and Sony's stylish alarm clock will easily provide you with such a comfortable climb to work or study. If you prefer to go to Morpheus’s arms with appropriate sound, there are no problems - the ICF-C1T model is equipped with a sleep timer, which allows you to delay switching off the radio at the right time. Instead of the words: “Well, another ten minutes ...” the owner of ICF-C1T is enough to press the Snooze button once. Or two ... Or three ... Or set the alarm clock away, so to speak, in order to avoid temptation. Finally, three levels of brightness of the display allow you to adjust the clock for different conditions, whether it is a darkened bedroom or a well-lit kitchen. In the minus of the gadget, we write down the use of the outdated method of tuning at the station. As part of the high-tech design, one could find a place for a few more small buttons.

Main advantages:
  • rising alarm clock signal;
  • sleep timer;
  • function "postponed lifting";
  • three levels of brightness.
  • inconvenient time setting;
  • Analog radio tuning.
9.7 / 10
Stylish black cube with a mirror display, good functionality and three-level brightness. Orange - for the amateur, I like it.
Ritmix RRC-818
1 400

This compact radio alarm clock is equipped with a battery that is so capacious that it can work for several days in the time display mode (or play music continuously for up to three hours) without being connected to the mains. Despite the modest dimensions of the RRC-818 model, the output power of its sound path is 3 W, and not only the built-in FM radio with auto search and station memory can serve as a source, but also its own player with support for memory cards. Moreover, the device is equipped with a Bluetooth-module, allowing it to interface with mobile devices and play the music broadcast by them. In this new product from Ritmix can be used for telephone communication. In any case, with its help, it will be possible to answer the call, reject or end the conversation, and also initiate a second call to the subscriber whose number was dialed last.

Main advantages:
  • the possibility of organizing telephone conversations in the hands-free mode;
  • memory card support;
  • capacious rechargeable battery.
  • only one alarm;
  • no brightness settings.
9.6 / 10
The best digital radio, it is convenient to use it as a speaker for a smartphone. It doesn't sound super cool, but loud. Memorized stations seem to be up to thirty. I have so much in the city.
Philips AJ 3400
1 750

As for the quality of the performance of this model, the main complaints here are plastic, remarkably attracting dust. The functionality of the device embodies the principle of "nothing superfluous, but what is - implemented very well." The main advantage of the Philips AJ 3400 radio receiver can be considered to be the gradually increasing volume of the alarm signal. Interestingly, after activating the function of delayed lifting (and there is one), the sound immediately turns on to the maximum. Like, you have already used the chance to watch the dream, now quickly get up!

The inability to set alarms on different signals or radio stations is a significant disadvantage. Another unpleasant moment is the complete passivity of the device during a power outage. Inside the case, the watches themselves continue to go, but nothing more. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees the preservation of all settings for a disappointingly short period of time - up to a day.

Main advantages:
  • smoothly increasing the volume of the alarm;
  • function "postponed lifting";
  • customizable sleep timer.
  • the alarm does not work on backup power;
  • it is impossible to set different alarms on alarms;
  • search and save stations manually.
9.5 / 10
Like a clock and an alarm clock, the device is an excellent pupil with a minus, like a radio receiver, is good with a plus. But still, one of the best radios in its price range.

Top Portable Radios

Tecsun PL-398MP
5 290
Battery-operated radios are versatile. You can take them with you, for example, on a hunt or fishing and for a long, long time to enjoy the whole thing with your favorite music. If the batteries sit down - no one will bother you to put a spare kit. For Tecsun PL-398MP, a pair of AA batteries ensures the operation. The radio can be called multifunctional, since its case has a slot for an SD card. This allows you to play MP3-music stored on the memory card - a useful feature if you decide to spend your holidays in the wilderness, where not to catch a single radio station. It should also be noted that the device is able to work with frequencies of the most diverse range: FM, DV, VHF, SV, or HF. Reproduction is carried out using two speakers, thereby achieving a well-perceptible stereo effect. The device has a shutdown timer and an alarm clock - when and who interfered with it? The buttons are located on the front panel. If you put the radio in the bag - block them. So what else to think - buy, you will not regret.
Main advantages:
  • Maximum number of frequency ranges
  • SD card slot available
  • Attractive appearance
  • Many features
  • The presence of a thermometer
  • High price
  • Imperfect sound quality
9.7 / 10
Panasonic RF-3500
3 270
This is a relatively inexpensive radio receiver that catches frequencies in most bands. However, the work can only be called flawless FM radio. The disadvantage of the design is the lack of illumination of the scale, which creates difficulties when using this model in the dark. But the body is all so stylish, black, plus comfortable ergonomics, which marks the majority of buyers. What is called, everything in its place. And citizens like the excellent build quality and good sound. In short, a good model: fly around!
Main advantages:
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • High FM sensitivity
  • Good sound
  • One speaker
  • No scale backlight
9.6 / 10
Tecsun PL-310
3 387
Tecsun PL-310 can be called a simplified version of the flagship of this line, which settled in the first place in this category. The creators had to get rid of the second speaker to save, so let's forget about the stereo effect. Almost nothing is missing. There is even a built-in thermometer. The device is able to work with frequencies in five bands. He can memorize up to five hundred fixed settings (100 cells per range)! The device works through a five-volt network adapter. If you take the receiver with you to nature, buy ordinary batteries. Or rechargeable batteries (just remember to switch to the appropriate mode!) Each time you plug it in, the rechargeable batteries will recharge. Far from the city, the radio waves are much worse caught. You need help for an external antenna - a rarity in such devices. Now it's clear why the Tecsun PL-310 is so expensive? That: the number of functions is difficult for finding in other radio receivers.
Main advantages:
  • Many features
  • Maximum number of radio frequency bands
  • Attractive appearance
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Small and single speaker
  • High enough price
9.5 / 10
Bosch GML Soundboxx
9 299
Not everyone knows that many manufacturers of power tools make "building" radios - special models that can withstand dust, shocks, falls, and even working from standard batteries for a particular company. Of course, GML Soundboxx is not as brutal as Bosch GML 50, “wired” into a protective crate, but it is also able to survive the effects from which an ordinary receiver will scatter in parts.

Soundboxx is not only unified in terms of power with Bosch lithium-ion batteries of 14 and 18 V, but its case is designed for transportation in standard boxes L-BOXX. Yes, the receiver can be “professional”. If you do not have a free battery at hand, then you can connect it to the mains through the supplied 12-volt adapter. The only pity is that he does not know how to charge the batteries at the same time.

FM reception (87.5-108 MHz), medium wave (531-1602 kHz) is supported. The tuner is fully digital, with tuning memory for 5 stations in each band. When the power is turned off, the settings are not reset, if you remember to install AA buffer batteries - the load on them is minimal, so even cheap ones last for a long time. When working on FM, broadcasting stations with stereo sound are supported - the receiver has two low-frequency amplifier paths, which are completed with five-watt speakers on neodymium magnets. Stereo sound will not be superfluous, and when playing audio from external sources, an AUX connector is hidden under one of the sealing plugs on the back wall.

Alas, high in the ranking of the best radio receivers, “Bosch” does not rise - for the money that it costs in Russia, you can buy a box of Chinese receivers and bash them on the concrete floor at least every day.

Main advantages:
  • Loud stereo sound
  • Universality of power
  • Digital tuner
  • "Indestructibility"
  • Price
9.4 / 10
Radio, undoubtedly, attracts attention - so, besides quality, this is also a serious plus if you want to stand out.
1 430
A curious receiver, clearly designed for attacks on nature: the body, pyramidal in cross section, can stably sit on a log or hemp, and in the event of a fall, the bumpers at its edges will perform their protective function. Built-in LED flashlight, too, will not be superfluous. And even the hinges on top of the case are not decorative - there is a strap in the set for carrying on the shoulder, which is threaded into them.

According to its capabilities, the receiver should be called a full-fledged universal: you can listen to the radio in VHF bands (yes, VHF, not “trimmed” foreign FM), CB and HF, there is a USB connector for flash drives, an SD card slot, and a jack for AUX cable. The tuner, however, is analog, without memory settings, and the sound is mono-channel - but what do you want from an inexpensive “Chinese”? By the way, the origin of the receiver catches the eye immediately - the scattering letters of the logo can hardly be called a design move, it’s good that the Russian-language inscriptions are not written in the famous Adobe Ming font. However, this does not affect the performance.

The receiver’s power supply is also universal - from the mains, four R20 batteries or a built-in 1000 mAh battery. The battery is charged from the external adapter 6 V through a special socket, and not when the network cable is connected to the rear connector: the solution is inconvenient, but in fact widespread.

Main advantages:
  • Versatility
  • Bright built-in flashlight
  • Good capacity built-in battery
  • The sound is expectedly far from Hi-Fi
9.2 / 10
Inexpensive tourist receiver, which is not a pity to take with you into the woods, barbecues and so on. Just listen to the radio, at least MP3 from a flash drive.

The best stationary radios

Sangean WR-12
15 950

The appearance of this radio alone can wake up many feelings of quivering nostalgia. If the time of your youth did not coincide with the era of lamp devices, and the classic retro is of purely aesthetic interest - to pass by Sangean WR-12 will not allow its excellent sound. Moreover, despite the impressive power of the subwoofer on the rear panel, there is no banging with low frequencies and the sound is perfectly balanced. The ergonomics of the device is also at the highest level: a thoughtful indicator of fine tuning, convenient mobile marks on the scale, lights with adjustable brightness ... It all seems natural and obvious things, but how many models can boast them?

A distinct emphasis on antiquity does not always mean denying any modern decisions. In particular, there is a version of the same model with a Bluetooth module. Given that today smartphones are found almost everywhere, they can be paired with the Sangean WR-12BT and get a smart multimedia kit.

Main advantages:
  • stunning design;
  • movable marks on the scale;
  • adjustable backlight brightness;
  • fine tuning indicator.
  • only two ranges;
  • No switch narrow / wide band.
10 / 10
The radio in this device is not the main thing for me, although there are no special complaints about the quality of reception. I use it exactly as a speaker system for guitar, digital piano and music playback from a player / laptop. Awesome sound!
Panasonic RF-800UEE-K
4 190

Panasonic marketers claim that this model is also made in retro design. Well, everyone understands this style in their own way, and the solid grille of a powerful speaker will completely go beyond its attribute. It is not excluded that it was the antique styling that prevented the designers of the RF-800UEE-K to realize the stereo, although the format of the stationary device allows it. But, if you consider that the radio receiver can play back recordings from a USB flash drive or voice mobile gadgets that are connected via the AUX connector, this solution looks a bit strange. The RF-800UEE-K radio path has four bands, two of which are stretched HF, allowing you to catch and radio bullets. The only pity is that the developers decided to save on the backlight. The main mass of stations on short waves is confidently taken just at night.

Main advantages:
  • the ability to connect flash drives;
  • AUX input for player or smartphone.
  • not enough carrying handles;
  • no backlight scale;
  • Playing tracks from a flash drive strictly in order.
9.8 / 10
A masterpiece, not a machine! Heavy (this is a plus), solidly assembled, with a stylish look that attracts attention. The best stationary radio!
Roadstar HRA-1500 / N
6 390
It continues our rating of radio receivers with good reception of the Roadstar HRA-1500 / N. Roadstar-branded radios in the Vintage Line line “sat down” on the definitely winning retro-style theme, and the HRA-1500 / N model line is not yet the most “retro”. Take a look at the case on the HIF-1850TUMPK - where else can you see a gramophone with MP3 support and a CD deck? At the same time, the brand itself belongs to a Swiss company, and the manufacturer has been operating in Japan since 1976 - this gives good quality guarantees.

In an impeccably styled case made of real wood, and not “wood plastic”, as in Chinese receivers, “mowing” under the retro, a very interesting combination of fillings is hidden. The tuner, of course, is analog, with a linear vernier, in which even the LED backlight diligently depicts ordinary lamps. But the sound and radio frequency paths are quite modern, with good noise filtering.

The radio receiver, among others, is the most “orthodox” in this series - no matter how you look at it from all sides, you cannot find a CD deck or USB connectors in it, it is designed exclusively for FM and MW radio reception. Well, it suits him.If you want to disguise modern opportunities under the high-quality imitation of retro, then Roadstar will find other models for your requests.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent stylization under the retro
  • Signal reception quality
  • The battery compartment does not allow for long-term operation without power
9.6 / 10
Very nice on the outside and to touch the receiver, from which one involuntarily expects that after switching on, he will need to warm up the lamps.
2 170
This receiver immediately attracts attention with one look - most of all it looks like the head of a Japanese robot, cut off by an unknown cybersadist. Already then the eye clings to the brand, in the field of radio, not just famous, but quite cult. Of course, in one row with the old "Phonebooks" it can not be put in any way, but fans of this Aryan radio from the inscription "Shenzhen City Victory, Jinan Building, Wenjinanroad, Luohu, Shenzhen, China" are more powerful than Cyclone-B, but the gadget really interesting.

There is a lot of stuffing in the head of the unfortunate robot: firstly, it is a fully digital tuner with memory for 50 stations and support for stereo broadcasting. It only works in the FM band ... but is it really that you have a desire to wade through the noise of short and medium waves, where the broadcast is conducted on amplitude modulation? Secondly, “on the back of the head” of Herr Telefunken, a connector for a USB flash drive, an SD card for playing MP3 has settled, and the presence of the AUX connector and Bluetooth support in the same place allow players and smartphones to be connected to it. And finally, the bundle has a good remote control.

The receiver is powered by a 1000 mAh battery of a quick-changeable lithium-ion battery, for charging of which the most standard microUSB is used today. Although this connector is far from ideal - everyone probably came across both loosened and detached from the board, but you can power the receiver at least from telephone charging, at least from the power bank.

Main advantages:
  • Funny design with a touch of cybernews
  • Versatility in playback
  • Remote control
  • The presence of an equalizer
  • Narrow FM band
  • Old Bluetooth Protocol Version
9.5 / 10
I bought it in a purely impulsive way - it seems that the designers counted on it. But I still like him.
Hyundai H-SRS100
1 590
Inexpensive receiver is designed in the spirit of minimalist cubism, and the work of designers can be called successful. For example, a large central tuning knob is very convenient. But the receiver is minimalist and functional, just look at the mode switch: it allows you to choose either FM radio or AUX.

But it sounds good at the same time, with a sufficient margin of volume, comfortable in terms of the level of distortion. The case itself is designed as a small column and even has a phase inverter in the back, which compares favorably with many compact receivers, which have no organized rear volume for the speakers as such. Imitation of wenge on the “wooden” part of the case is quite convincing, the coating does not fade under the sun. So buying disappointment is unlikely to deliver.

Main advantages:
  • Good sound for a budget compact receiver
  • Convenient setting
  • Mono channel sound
9.1 / 10
Nice and nice receiver "for cheap". Plays decently for its size.

Criteria for selecting the best radio receiver are largely determined by the tasks that it has to perform. If compactness and good autonomy are primarily important for a tourist, then for a “sofa” traveler, high power of the sound path, availability of necessary ranges or extended functionality can be a priority. Under this variety of requirements, we tried to select models in the review.

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