12 best gaming headphones

Top models for shooters and quests

Playing in good headphones brings a lot of new impressions. For quite a long time the term “gaming headphones” was rather marketing, as is often the case with computer components and accessories - let's add screaming notes to the exterior, and now we already have new gaming headphones… grams are not different from the modest headset on the next shelf.

However, technology does not stand still - in games, the sound panorama is becoming increasingly difficult, and now the headphones, which were previously the source of stereo by definition, have already learned how to transmit spatial multichannel sound. But this is already very valuable in games: by ear, to catch the direction of a creeping enemy or to turn the steering wheel in advance, hearing the sound of an enemy Spitfire from the right-bottom, and so on.

The rest of the requirements for a good gaming headphones are not very different from the usual ones: workmanship, convenience, sound insulation level, noise reduction and microphone sensitivity. The only caveat that needs to be taken into account is that the headphones for gamers are often characterized by a non-linear frequency response, turning up the volume of shots, explosions and other special effects: in some shooter this may be a plus, but listening to music in such headphones will be not very nice. In our ranking - the best gaming headphones 2017 - beginning of 2018 (according to reviews of experts and gamers).

Top gaming headphones for 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Cheap Gaming Headphones1SVEN AP-U980MV9.4 / 101 770
2A4Tech Bloody G5009.1 / 102 062
3Redragon lester8.9 / 101 293
4A4Tech Bloody G3008.8 / 101 600
The best gaming headset in the middle price range1Plantronics RIG 500E9.4 / 101 293
2Logitech g4339.3 / 108 160
3HyperX Cloud II9.2 / 107 680
Top Top Gaming Headphones1ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital9.7 / 1013 990
2Sennheiser G4ME ONE9.5 / 1011 490
3SteelSeries Siberia 6509.3 / 1014 234
Top Wireless Gaming Headphones1SteelSeries Arctis 79.5 / 1012 990
2Razer mano'war9.0 / 1015 261

Best Cheap Gaming Headphones

1 770

* Good cheap headphones with USB, microphone and surround sound? It is hard to believe in it. Well, it's worth a closer look.

Inside the housings with acid lighting (alas, non-switchable), only single speakers are hidden, albeit with 50-mm diffusers. Naturally, this design cannot create spatial sound, although the headphones are written in the system as a kind of “SVEN 7.1” device. In fact, the multichannel sound is converted by the driver into the usual two-channel one. Therefore, we will lower the rating points, although these “ears” sound not bad - after all, we, consumers, are not very fond of being deceived “a little”. The funny thing is that the bundled software has a “stereo-to-multi-channel conversion” function.

Headphones are quite qualitatively assembled - the body and headband are durable, braided cable, it is pleasant to hold them in your hands. We note the sensitivity of the microphone, which is very high by the standards of this price segment.

Main advantages:
  • Good sound quality
  • USB connection
  • Non-switchable backlight
  • No real surround sound
9.4 / 10
Cheap gaming headphones with good sound. On the head sit well. Well, for my laptop without audio jacks in general is just the perfect option.
A4Tech Bloody G500
2 062

In this price segment, the term “game” refers more to design than to any other characteristics. Well, the characteristic chopped look and the corresponding colors are present.

Inside the headphones, there are quite standard speakers with 40 mm cones and neodymium magnets. Resistance - 16 ohms, sensitivity - 100 dB. Simply put, even simple sound cards will be able to provide a decent volume level on these headphones. By the nature of the sound, the headphones are clearly designed for those who like to shoot: the bass is noticeably raised.

We note the convenience of long wearing: the manufacturer picked up the stiffness of the ear cushions and the elasticity of the headband.

The main disadvantage of these gaming headphones - in the microphone. It is retractable here, and with its constant movement, the wire breaks back and forth inside. Repair is simple, but it is still worth less to fold the microphone. By itself, it is rather average, it does not shine with sensitivity - a common problem of inexpensive headsets.

A small bonus from the manufacturer is the ability to use the headset with mobile devices: there is a 4-pin jack and answer / volume control buttons.

Main advantages:
  • Reasonably comfortable ear cushions
  • Normal operation with lower end sound cards
  • Frequent microphone issues

9.1 / 10
Good headphones for gaming for your money. The microphone is so-so, but this is important only if you play online. In the single is not needed at all.
Redragon lester
1 293

Inexpensive headset does not terrify from the shelf immediately frank kitsch in design, but it can boast a double connection: standard jacks and USB. True, we immediately note that the impedance of the “ears” is 32 ohms, a weak audio card will be wobbled with difficulty even despite the sensitivity of 115 dB. But the USB-plug, in fact, turns out to be absolutely useless in fact - the backlight is simply powered from it. And that's all.

Headphones sit on the head well, there is no excessive pressure. Rather, someone will even miss him, with a small head and headphones can slip. Sound insulation is ample.

The quality of the microphone for this price segment can also be called high: there is enough sensitivity, speech is discriminating. Eh, if only we could get rid of the overpayment for meaningless backlighting via USB ...

Main advantages:
  • Sensitive speakers are well revealed on decent sound cards
  • Normal microphone operation
  • Weak fixation on the head
  • Heavy cable due to "extra" USB
8.9 / 10
If it were not too thick and hard cable, the best gaming headphones with a microphone would be for the money.
A4Tech Bloody G300
1 600

The design of this model, as they say, is an amateur, the quality of the materials used is typical for the price category as a whole, but the sound design of the headphones and the realistic sound deserve good words. However, the first one is very close to some decisions of the SteelSeries company (adjusted for glossy plastic, leatherette and foam rubber), where the steel wire bows and conditionally adjustable headband are practical and quite reliable.

The relatively thick flat cable in a reinforced silicone sheath also inspires confidence. At the same time, it is surprisingly soft and flexible. As for the sound - everything is really good here. The combination of two cameras, magnets with neodymium cores and CCAW coils provides the device with powerful and intelligible bass, as well as quite clear mid and high frequencies. Without a fashionable recently, the backlight has not been done here, but it is connected using a separate USB connector.

Main advantages:
  • high-quality design with a comfortable fit;
  • relatively decent sound;
  • backlight connected independently.
  • Marky glossy plastic;
  • poor microphone sensitivity.
8.8 / 10
I chose gaming headphones with good sound, stylish, trendy and youth, but at an adequate price. The choice justified to a penny.

The best gaming headset in the middle price range

Plantronics RIG 500E
1 293

Love the designers? Well, the creators of the Plantronics RIG 500E too. After removing the headphones from the package, you really have to assemble - first dock the two headband parts, then dock the headphones with the selected ear cushions to it, and finally connect the microphone: it does not move away and does not fold, but connects to the cup on the connector. And note that the kit is not just two pairs of ear cushions for one pair of cups - here there are exactly two pairs of full cups with their own ear cushions, that is, you already buy one and a half pairs of headphones!

The ear cushions are soft and comfortable, problems with sweating of the ears will appear on the fabric set except in the heat. But inside the cups are hidden pretty simple 40-mm speakers ... that's all. So the promised spatial sound here is also just an imitation. Most likely, the chip hidden inside the box on the USB cable simply converts the multichannel digital signal to stereo, while at the same time slightly embellishing it with an equalizer: when connected via USB, the sound character changes in comparison with the jack option.

The detachable microphone can also rotate, and, moving it back, you automatically turn off the sound. The decision is actually interesting: there are no loose wires in the joint, that is, there is no risk of fracture. In addition, he has a pronounced noise reduction.

As a result, we have before us a very interesting and gaming headset that stands out from the competition, which also plays well and music. USB decoder supports 24-bit format.

Main advantages:
  • Modular construction
  • The ability to completely remove the microphone
  • Good sound
  • The real spatial sound is just embellishment of the stereo image.

9.4 / 10
The best headphones for games and music, a very interesting design. With high-quality sound, this headset and music plays on all five points out of five.
Logitech g433
8 160

Full-size gaming headset with a nice-laconic design and dual connection - via USB and through jacks. And each has its own advantages - for example, instead of connecting a microphone to the built-in sound card, it is better to use USB due to the built-in noise suppressor, there will be much less noise in the sound. Headphone sensitivity is quite large, sound cards with a powerful output can even overload them at maximum volume. However, the Ministry of Health does not recommend listening to music with headphones on the “hundred” if you have no hearing problems yet.

It is worthwhile to immediately try on these headphones under your head: the adjustment possibilities are limited here, and it’s not a fact that they will be convenient for you.

Main advantages:
  • USB support
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Limited range of adjustments

9.3 / 10
I chose good cheap gaming headphones for gamers on the forums. It is quite decent, although now for this money you can already find a more interesting model.
HyperX Cloud II
7 680

Playing for hours and, regardless of the size of the head or ears, not to experience discomfort allows this model from the company Kingston. Outwardly, it practically does not differ from the first “clauses” that have become extremely popular, but the second generation has got support for 7.1 sound.

Included HyperX Cloud II is a USB audio card, which generates surround sound programmatically. You will now always understand from which side the enemy is sneaking up. The mode is activated using a special button on the remote. There are also separately regulated the volume of headphones and a microphone, which has become even better. Low frequencies in the “two” are less pronounced and more picky, which makes it an acceptable option for music lovers.

By the way, the manufacturer’s product range also includes a lightweight version of this model, called the Cloud Core. In its configuration there is no sound card, respectively, there is no SURROUND emulation. But, much worse, there is no volume control.

Main advantages:
  • exemplary microphone;
  • virtual surround sound;
  • comfortable fit;
  • rich equipment.
  • there are complaints about the background at low volume levels;
  • bad microphone button location;
  • a short cord of a sound card, and having a “memory”.
9.2 / 10
I updated the firmware of the complete card to version 0005. Now I enjoy the clear sound in games without crackles and normal volume control. And all the rest of these headphones, and so it was on top.

Top Top Gaming Headphones

ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital
13 990

This model is an improved version of the ROCCAT Kave. The creators at its design decided to get rid of the bundle of wires. Now the headphones are connected only to the USB port. In this case, the cups did not lose a lot of speakers and vibration motors, combined in technology 5.1. Previously, the buyer had to additionally purchase a sound card, but now its analogue is located in the control panel, traditionally located on the cable. Because of this, this unit has become more. But on it there were additional buttons. With the help of one of them, you can even answer the call received by Skype. Previously, it was impossible to do this without folding the game. Also, ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital headphones are lighter. Oblong pad on the headband does not press on the head. The microphone has remained removable.

Main advantages:
  • Robust design
  • Great sound
  • Advanced bass
  • The presence of a remote with a few buttons
  • Excellent positioning in games
  • High price
  • While still a lot of weight
9.7 / 10
With these headphones, immersion in any game becomes ... I do not know how to describe. Really cool. You can connect the phone via bluetooth - then you don’t have to take off the headphones and answer the call - you can speak directly through the microphone of the headphones themselves. Suitable for any games and for movies. For music, of course, mediocre.
Sennheiser G4ME ONE
11 490

Headphones are not for everyone: with an impedance of 50 ohms, they should be connected to a preamplifier. In addition, the connection is only wired, so there is no trace of surround sound ... Then why did we include them in the top?

Let's go point by point. The first is the sound quality: the perfect sound processing, the widest dynamic range. Exactly what we love Sennheiser for. In the end, and the games are different: someone needs to shake heels from the roar, and someone more to taste the sunny morning to go around Whiteran and listen to the wind in the leaves rustle. The second is the work of the microphone: it is also impossible to find fault with it. The third is shape ear cushions: it’s enough to hold new headphones on your head so that they perfectly fit the ear shells.

Therefore, for the versatility of these headphones with a microphone, you can put a solid top five: they are perfect for any application, not only for games. But at the same time, of course, they somehow lost to the specialized models.

Main advantages:
  • Comfortable fit on the head
  • Great sound
  • High impedance
  • No surround sound
9.5 / 10
Great sound, no stupid bottoming, as in many gaming models. Believe me, if you have a good sound, then bass will be enough. Very good gaming headphones.
SteelSeries Siberia 650
14 234

A review of the best gaming headphones would be incomplete without a representative of a recognized trendsetter in the field of gaming peripherals, whose successful discoveries shamelessly copy other manufacturers. This year, the Danish company SteelSeries conducted an update and rebranding of the headphone lineup, making it easier to navigate the family. The weightier the digital index in the title - the steeper the device.

The recommended model has replaced the Siberia Elite Prism and it’s really gaming headphones of the elite category. Chic deep ear cushions provide perfect sound insulation. The controls on the cups are ergonomic and more practical than a separate console. The luminous ring on the retractable microphone very clearly informs when it is activated. Several game profiles, the ability to transfer them through the "cloud" and many, many more. It is only necessary to keep in mind that it is highly desirable to connect headphones through a discrete sound card.

Main advantages:
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • convenient and practical management;
  • backlight, customizable for every taste;
  • great sound, including when playing music.
  • perfect sound and a good margin of volume only when connected via a card of the appropriate level.
9.3 / 10
Thanks to the large ear cushions and the memory effect foam, they fit perfectly on any head.The sound is excellent, especially since it supports the 7.1 format, which provides complete immersion in the game.

Top Wireless Gaming Headphones

SteelSeries Arctis 7
12 990

Laconic and at the same time significantly expensive design favorably distinguishes these headphones. Adjusting the headband is not a plastic base, but moving a soft tape on it, which undoubtedly gives a plus to the strength and reliability of the whole structure. Fit to the head without excessive pressure, headphones are great for long wear. Ear pads from AirWeave's proprietary material have excellent air and moisture permeability, the ears are not hot, there is no risk of sweating. True, and sound insulation is somewhat reduces.

In wireless mode, headphones can work up to 12 hours, if you do not get involved in the volume. It is a decent level. Do not forget about the saved ability to connect by wire. And, most interestingly, the same jack connector can be used to connect to the headphones of the second pair - for example, when playing with a friend. That is, the Arctis 7 with a wireless connection can also “distribute” sound over the wire. The same can and complete Bluetooth-transmitter: on it, too, you can find a 3.5-mm jack output.

Of the minuses, we note battered bass: you will have to tinker with the equalizer, if you use headphones not only in “shooters”.

Main advantages:
  • A good radius of communication with the native transmitter
  • The possibility of "distribution" of sound by wire
  • Unduly accentuated bottom

9.5 / 10
You can play a couple with a friend at night without getting neighbors. Nowhere else did I see such an opportunity.
Razer mano'war
15 261

If during game battles you prefer the most comfortable conditions, which mean the absence of any interference, the Razer ManO'War headphones may be the right solution for you. Professional cybersportsmen are very cautious about wireless peripherals, since the charge in the battery is not infinite, and the battery itself makes a significant contribution to the overall weight, but for an amateur gamer, convenience is often in the first place. Moreover, the recommended headphones work confidently at a distance of up to 12 meters from the installation location of the USB radio module and allow you to enjoy music, for example, lying on your favorite couch. Let this model and the wired connection as an alternative - the number of fans of Razer products would definitely increase. But what is not, is not. Another conditional disadvantage of ManO'War is a specific feature of their utility utility, which focuses exclusively on the cloud storage of user settings.

Main advantages:
  • wireless connection;
  • 7.1 channel surround sound;
  • switchable backlight;
  • Compatible with PS4 and Xbox One.
  • not enough alternative wired interface;
  • cloud storage settings.
9.0 / 10
Confident and stable wireless communication even through brick walls. A huge battery charge, which stretches for another couple of hours by simply turning off the backlight (we still don't see it). The best headphones for games!

How to choose a good gaming headphones?

So, if you are interested in the gaming capabilities of the headphones, then you will have to not only fork out, but also carefully get acquainted with the characteristics of a particular model: there are two big differences between a “virtual-surround” and a real spatial sound, as they say in Odessa. Immediately, models with plug-in jacks are swept away: no sound can be transmitted through more than two channels through a three-pole jack But even with USB models, the promise of surround sound is not always real. Usually it is only simulated - but this can usually be done by the sound cards themselves, paired with wired stereo headphones. Excess overpayment? Alas, most often - yes.

However, USB headphones and wireless models have a serious advantage: the lack of a long cable makes it possible not to collect noise by the microphone path. This means that it is possible to find a model that will provide a clearer and more intelligible voice that can convey to the comrades in the game everything that you think about them.

Trying on headphones is imperative: a few hours behind the monitor in uncomfortable "ears" can not weakly spoil the fun of the game. Good luck with your choice!

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