14 best 55 inch TVs

Rating 2019: the best 55-inch TVs - according to experts and ordinary buyers

Which TV sizes can not be found on the market. There are compact for the kitchen, medium for bedrooms and relatively small rooms, huge king size versions, whose place is in respectable houses where solid owners of plump wallets live. And in a sense, there is a universal and incredibly demanded diagonal - 55 inches. The 55-inch TV is big but not too big. Great for the role of the main family-wide entertainment center, the basis for creating a home cinema.

Like the size? Then we invite you to familiarize yourself with our new rating of the best modern TVs 55 - from simple and inexpensive to premium high-tech, the price tag of which is by no means affordable for everyone, but still it will not scare away these aesthetes.

What you need to know before buying a 55-inch TV?

In our review, models with Full hd screen. The reason is simple: the leading TV manufacturers, in fact, have already abandoned such a format for size 55ʺ. Of course, you can find, only this is either the old still unsold versions from well-known brands, or frankly low-cost products based on cheap components of unknown origin. Although we know that "legs grow" usually because of the large stone wall in the east.

Now it is more profitable for a potential buyer to look at 4K deviceswhich perfectly reproduce the content in UHD 2160p, and in a lower resolution, and even know how to scale it. In the company's ranking, classic 4K LED TVs will be made up of advanced Triluminos, QLED, Nano Cell models with upgraded quantum dots LED backlighting, as well as the highest-rated OLED panels on self-luminous pixels to date.

Top rated 55 inch TVs - Top 14

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best inexpensive 55 inch TVs1LG 55UK64509.5 / 1042 900
2Samsung UE55NU7170U9.4 / 1043 000
Top 55 inch TVs in the middle price range1Sony KD-55XF75969.7 / 1065 490
2LG 55UK75509.7 / 1051 990
3Samsung UE55RU7400U9.6 / 1055 200
Top 55 Modern Televisions with Premium Level1Samsung QE55Q60RAU9.8 / 1071 600
2Sony KD-55XF85969.7 / 1085 490
3LG 55SK81009.7 / 1053 990
Top Premium 55ʺ 4K FHD UHD LCD TVs1Samsung QE55Q90RAU9.9 / 10209 990
2LG 55SK95009.8 / 1080 400
3Sony KD-55XF90059.7 / 1096 780
Top 55 inch 4K OLED TVs1LG OLED55C89.9 / 10100 900
2Sony KD-55AF99.8 / 10163 990
3LG OLED55B8S9.6 / 1079 000

The best inexpensive 55 inch TVs

LG 55UK6450
42 900

The right to open the rating of the best 55ʺ TVs is given not to the budget itself, there are options cheaper and simpler, but truly optimal from the point of view of “inexpensive but angry” TV from LG. This “Korean” of Russian production is capable of boasting quite a decent picture for its price tag, it has a good design and is functionally well-versed.

The display is based on the proprietary IPS matrix, which is distinguished by expanded viewing angles without color distortions - 178 ° / 178 °. The resolution (maximum) is 3840 × 2160 px or 4K UHD, the frequency is 50/60 Hz (True Motion value is 100), the bit depth is 10 (8 + FRC) bits. The type of LED backlight used is straight. Active HDR technology provides an extended range of contrast for content formats HDR10 Pro, HLG.

Finally, implemented a smart platform running WebOS 4.0. And there is something to “profit” even those who do not consider themselves to be a squad of advanced users. A nice trick is “Artificial Intelligence” with a speech recognition function.

Main advantages:
  • Central quad core processor;
  • Noise reduction system; low input resolution scaling option;
  • Universal and multifunctional remote control Magic Remote;
  • LG application channels 200+;
  • DVB-T2 / C / S2 digital TV receiver.
  • Pixel structure - RGBW;
  • Low memory - 1.5 GB (RAM), 4 GB (ROM).
9.5 / 10
Normal telly at a reasonable price. The image is like, HDR, of course, not a fairy tale, but the effect is noticeable. Pretty smart Smart, comfortable modern remote with a microphone. Occasionally, applications restart with a low memory message.
Samsung UE55NU7170U
43 000

A nice 55-inch model from the budget line of 4K Samsung TVs. The manufacturer cheated a little by positioning it as a representative of the seventh 2018 series, although in all respects it corresponds to the initial 6th, which was produced a year earlier. Nevertheless, the TV is good for users who are ripe to go from Full HD to the next step without serious financial upheaval.

The display is based on a proprietary 4K VA matrix, characterized by no less high-quality color reproduction than IPS, but higher contrast ratios. That is, there is no black depth. Sorry, viewing angles, to put it mildly, are not perfect (you can look from the side, but the colors noticeably dull). The claimed image index PQI is 1300, the smoothing of the True Motion dynamics is 100 (the standard frequency is 50 Hz).

High quality HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG content is supported. However, the result is still far from ideal. Of course, Samsung could not leave its 55-inch model without Smart TV. Intellectual functions TizenOS 4.0 (2018) are controlled. The remote control is standard, because the voice assistant is not provided.

Main advantages:
  • High definition with 4K UHD resolution;
  • Stylish slim design (side lights);
  • Image enhancement technology PurColour, UHD Dimming, Contrast Enhancer;
  • Fast and convenient software;
  • Low input lag (bonus for gamers).
  • Wi-Fi 5 GHz not supported;
  • Defective USB player.
9.4 / 10
In its price range, the TV is good. We chose it on the basis of a favorable ratio picture-price-design. There is also its own spoon of tar - a player that does not read many formats. Solved the problem by downloading a prog media server on the computer.

Top 55 inch TVs in the middle price range

Sony KD-55XF7596
65 490

Who, if not Sony, will break the hegemony of the "Koreans" in the TV market. In this class, the company's products in realism of the image, the quality of color rendering stand out very strongly against the representatives of the 7th series of other brands, despite the fact that it uses matrices produced by the main competitors.

In our case, this is a 10-bit (8 + FRC) IPS from LG Display, which is good by default, and literally played with new colors with Japanese technology. What is involved: 4K X-Reality PRO (optimization of clarity, scaling to 4K level), Live Color (color enhancement), dynamic backlight (contrast enhancement). Smooth scenes in motion designed Motionflow XR 400 Hz (standard - 50 Hz).

Of course, the modern 2018 model supports HDR. Here for HDR10, HLG. Intelligent features are implemented on Android 7.0 Nougat with the ability to upgrade to 8.0 Oreo. The built-in browser Vewd, the store Google Play. There is a voice control with all the "resulting" comfortable consequences.

Main advantages:
  • Solid minimalist design with thin aluminum-stylized frames, silver legs with a hidden cable channel;
  • Local Dimming intelligent dimming algorithm;
  • 4 x HDMI v2.0, 2 x USB v2.0, 1 x USB v3.0, optical digital audio output, linear (Jack 3.5 mm) for headphones, LAN, Wi-Fi (5 GHz is);
  • Support video formats AVI, DivX, Xvid, MKV, HEVC;
  • High-quality sound - 2 x 10 W, Dolby Digital, DTS codecs are read.
  • Higher price in comparison with competitors;
  • Incompatibility with Dolby Vision.
9.7 / 10
I watched several options in the store, comparing the picture. I came to the conclusion that this Sonya is in her middle class, there are practically no competitors. From nagging: primitive design of the remote control. Android needs to be customized, then everything is fine.
LG 55UK7550
51 990

A model that definitely stands out from the general middle row, because it’s not simple, though not “gold” in price, but created using advanced Nano Cell technology. And these are the same quantum dots that provide reproduction of the full color spectrum, making the image much brighter and more saturated.

The design of the TV is minimalistic and stylish. Thin metallized frames, a moon-shaped stand, a small depth of the case (as it should be, because the type of illumination is Edge LED). Matrix - 10-bit (8 + FRC) IPS. As a result, honest viewing angles are 178 ° / 178 °. Native update rate - 50/60 Hz.

The Ultra Luminance technology (brightness enhancement) shows itself well. The processor with 4 cores is able to effectively deal with the input noise, improve the quality of the content to the level of clarity 4K. At the heart of the smart platform is webOS 4.0. A wide range of applications is supported, the list of which can be expanded with the help of the LG online store.

Main advantages:
  • Active HDR technology (for HDR10 Pro, HLG);
  • LG ThinQ AI, Google Voice Assistant, Magic Remote Remote;
  • Full DVB-T2 / C / S2 tuner;
  • Quite adequate sound Ultra Surround, DTS Virtual: X; supports audio transmission via Bluetooth;
  • LAN, Wi-Fi (including 5 GHz).
  • USB ports are only 2.0 (3.0 is not);
  • There is not enough peak brightness for the full impact of HDR-video.
9.7 / 10
The image quality is excellent. Especially cool looking videos with the corners of nature. Even there is a black color, which is rare for IPS. The sound is quite good. Smart flies. Although lags occasionally still happen. Memory is not enough.
Samsung UE55RU7400U
55 200

This version (new - 2019) of the 55-inch Samsung is much more in line with the 7 series than the previously described NU7170. True, the price tag has grown somewhat. The TV is equipped with a 4K VA matrix, so that with clarity, contrast, order. Type LED-backlight - Edge, for this reason, a slim body. On the whole, the design is stylishly minimalist. Looks great updated central stand, in which you can quietly lay the wires.

The claimed image index PQI is 1900, the dynamics smoothing is TM100 (the real frequency is 50 Hz). HDR content is reproduced, let's say, medium. A bit lacking peak brightness. Supported formats are HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG. For Smart features, and here they are very diverse, is responsible OS Tizen 5.0. Intelligent speech recognition by the voice assistant is available, and the special console One Remote acts as an intermediary in this matter.

Main advantages:
  • Decent image quality, updated 4K UHD processor;
  • Technology UHD Dimming (intelligent backlight control for enhancing contrast, detail), Dynamic Crystal Color (realistic color reproduction);
  • Responsive and convenient management;
  • Cloud synchronization and content sharing service;
  • Support for SmartThings application to interact with other devices in the "smart home".
  • The built-in USB media player is “not friendly” with DivX, Xvid, does not support the DTS codec;
  • No audio line-out for headphones (digital optical only).
9.6 / 10
Very nice 55 inch tv. The image quality is not the slightest claim, as well as to Smart TV. The Tizen axis is really comfortable. Just need a little podobrazbiratsya that it is not difficult. The console is cool. Negative causes only limited USB-player.

Top 55 Modern Televisions with Premium Level

Samsung QE55Q60RAU
71 600

This model 55-inch TV from Samsung is the youngest version of the line 2019 QLED, but the fact of belonging to the 6 series in no way diminishes its advantages. The TV, of course, is less cool than the counterparts of the Q70, 80 series and even more so the flagship Q90, but the price tag is relatively affordable. And the image quality is frankly impressive.

There are several factors “to blame”: high-quality VA UHD matrix, advanced Edge LED illumination using quantum dot technology (100% color volume with a billion colors), a unique Quantum 4K processor with artificial intelligence that can increase clarity, scale the resolution to 4K , support the optimization mode of brightness and sound depending on the conditions of the show.

The Quantum HDR system, using dynamic metadata, makes premium content as detailed as possible. Smart TV is now even smarter, faster and more convenient on the new OS Tizen 5.0. There are voice features. The remote control is a universal One Remote.

Main advantages:
  • Chic minimalist design;
  • Excellent color reproduction, excellent contrast ratio, deep black color;
  • 100 Hz display, Motion Rate (dynamics uplifted speakers) - 200, PQI image quality index - 3000;
  • Interior Ambient mode with the possibility of background merging with the wall, creating personal galleries, displaying relevant information;
  • Airplay 2 support, SmartThings.
  • Incompatibility with Dolby Vision;
  • No USB port v.3.0.
9.8 / 10
Cool and not very expensive, given the fact that he QLED, telly. The colors are gorgeous, the picture is bright, HDR movies and YouTube videos are just a fairy tale. Tizen is very smart axis, the interfaces are clear and convenient. Everyone is happy.
Sony KD-55XF8596
85 490

Serious device from Sony with Triluminos Display technology, which in some sense is not inferior, and according to some users, it even surpasses the praised QLED. Here, as usual, how many people - so many opinions. Anyway, the picture is very realistic, and if you apply the settings recommended by the manufacturer and aesthetes-enthusiasts, it’s quite a beauty.

In this model, the IPS matrix is ​​used, so there is no problem with an angle view, the colors are deep and saturated. Backlight - Edge LED. A powerful 4K HDR X1 processor and a range of technologies are working to improve the image quality: 4K X-Reality PRO, Live Color, Super Bit Mapping, Object-based HDR remaster.

TV tuner accepts all types of digital broadcasting, there is a wide range of interfaces for external wired and wireless connections. The smart platform works on Android 7.0 Nougat / Android 8.0 Oreo. There is a voice search. Memory capacity: RAM - 2 GB, ROM - 16.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent design, high-quality image, real colors;
  • Smoothing scenes in the dynamics of Motionflow XR 1000;
  • Ample opportunities for entertainment with Android TV;
  • 4K HDR for HDR10, HLG video content;
  • Assembly - Slovakia.
  • High price;
  • Periodic software lags.
9.7 / 10
Shows tv cool. "Sonya" in the creation of natural not oversaturated flowers knows a lot better than others. Of course, the model still does not reach the level of the OLED, but in its class it is super. Moreover: who scolds Android simply does not know how to use it.
LG 55SK8100
53 990

Another South Korean brand, LG, did not pass by Quantum Dot technology. But unlike Samsung, its displays are not called QLED, but Nano Cell. Of course, it is based on its proprietary IPS RGB matrix with 4K resolution - 3840x2160. Accordingly, the picture is good - rich bright colors with the widest palette of the smallest shades, decent indicators of clarity and contrast, the widest possible review.

The “think tank” of this Super UHD TV is an intelligent α7 processor. It is able to effectively eliminate noise, remove the grain, scale the resolution to 4K. Cinema HDR technology supports many formats: standard HDR10 Pro, HLG Pro, as well as advanced - HDR from Technicolor, Dolby Vision.

Smart TV function provides WebOS 4.0. Included is a remote with a pointer and a microphone for transmitting voice requests to the artificial intelligence LG ThinQ AI. The tuner catches everything - DVB-T2 / C / S2. For external devices, there are 4 HDMI connectors, 3 USB ports (all v.2.0), an optical digital audio output and even a line-in for headphones. Wireless interfaces: LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Main advantages:
  • Elegant minimalist design with slim metal frames and stylish stand;
  • Color depth - full 10 bits;
  • True Motion (smooth display of moving objects) - 200;
  • Gallery mode with season updates from the TripAdvisor portal;
  • Dolby Atmos cinema sound support.
  • Normal Edge LED, not direct full-matrix backlight;
  • Somewhat lacking in brightness, not perfect black.
9.7 / 10
For its price range, the TV is very good. Not without the drawbacks associated with the properties of IPS matrices and side illumination (glare), but this is if you really find fault with it. The colors are cool. Smart with voice assistant delighted, especially children.

Top Premium 55ʺ 4K FHD UHD LCD TVs

Samsung QE55Q90RAU
209 990

Here is such a flagship Samsung model of 2019. This is the most advanced version in the class of 4K QLED TVs with all the attendant amenities. The Q90 series model has replaced the last year's Q9F, which has already earned many excellent adjectives, and the updated version has become even better, more functional and smarter.

With regards to design, the panel itself has changed little.Where are even more minimalist? However, a corner stand appeared, the height of which is definitely “sharpened” to the size of the original soundbar. Matrix type - VA (10 bits), resolution - 3840x2160, native frequency - 100 Hz (Motion Rate - 200). And, about a miracle, now viewing angles are ultra-wide Ultra Viewing Angle. The contrast is chic, which is easily explained by the presence of direct full-matrix highlight Direct Full Array 16X.

On board the latest high-performance processor with artificial intelligence, Quantum 4K. HDR technology makes it possible to get practically the maximum from HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG content. Peak brightness - 2000 cd / m² !!! The latest OS Tizen 5.0 is fast and stable, voice requests are supported from the One Remote console.

Global differences in the younger (and cheaper) versions: Q80, Q70 - backlight with a smaller array of Direct Full Array 8X and 4X, the maximum brightness - HDR1500 and HDR1000, respectively.

Main advantages:
  • Ultra-modern design with almost no frame, unobtrusive connection with a single cable with a remote box One Connect;
  • High-quality scaling to 4K resolution, PQI index - 3700;
  • Intellectual, game modes, compatibility with AirPlay 2;
  • Mode interior backgrounds Ambient;
  • 60 W sound with speaker configuration 4.2.
  • Still stripped down the functionality of the USB player;
  • Usually inflated price for the new Samsung.
9.9 / 10
In terms of image, this 55-inch TV is not worse than OLED, and its brightness is better. Still, sometimes noticeable work local illumination. Dear, contagion. The design is cool, especially if you use a wall mount.
LG 55SK9500
80 400

As a leader in the production of OLED panels, LG decided not to give the "intimate" competitor and a niche where it is traditionally strong. In the end, nanoparticles are not the property of Samsung, therefore it is a sin not to use the extremely efficient technology since the necessary resources are available. Especially since this is not about a banal copy, but about our own constructive solution based on the original IPS matrix with ideal viewing angles by default.

So, the model 55SK9500 with a Nano Cell display complies with the Super UHD classification. This implies excellent picture quality with the broadest color palette. The TV, unlike its simpler tribesmen, can boast a decent contrast, which is possible thanks to direct full-matrix backlighting with 50 local dimming zones. Plus, the α7 intelligent processor is very capable.

The frequency with which the display is updated is 100 Hz (True Motion indicator is 200), the bit depth is 10 bits. 4K Cinema HDR technology interoperates with most existing formats, including Dolby Vision, Advanced by Technicolor.

Main advantages:
  • Smart TV WebOS 4.0, Magic Remote remote control with voice query recognition, artificial intelligence;
  • Gallery mode, professional gaming;
  • Resolution scaling to 4K, noise reduction, Nano Cell Color Pro colors;
  • Speaker system 2.2 (40 W), sound support DTS, Dolby Atmos;
  • LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, picky player.
  • The flagship Super UND Nano Cell does not have a single USB port version 3.0;
  • The panel is more suitable for viewing in well-lit rooms.
9.8 / 10
Very stylish and functional TV. And the premium status is combined with a quite adequate price. The colors are vibrant. Contrast for IPS is normal, but OLED is still far away. Smart suits.
Sony KD-55XF9005
96 780

What other image can produce a TV series 9 from the famous and unsinkable brand Sony - only of excellent quality. Yes, and looks like a model KD-55XF9005, so that it immediately becomes clear - this is a premium class. The price tag, however, is also appropriate. However, you need to pay for the quality, besides the European assembly - Slovakia.

The 55-inch panel constructively consists of a high-grade 10-bit VA matrix with 4K UHD resolution and direct full-matrix backlighting with 48 local dimming zones. Image processing is traditionally at its best. Technologies Triluminos Display, Live Color are effectively complemented by a system for enhancing the clarity of X-Motion Clarity. And also 4K X-Reality ™ PRO, Super Bit Mapping, X-tended Dynamic Rang PRO, Object-based HDR remaster work fine.

What can you say? Contrast at the highest level, black is deep, white is bright and has no parasitic tones, the color rendition is wide and natural. And here also the “smart” platform on Android does not allow the owner of this TV to get bored. By the way, Google to help you call voice commands.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful graphic X1 Extreme Processor;
  • Brightness - 1000 nits, frequency - 120 Hz, Motionflow XR 1000;
  • Support HDR10 +, Dolby Vision;
  • Full tuner - DVB-T2 / S2 / С;
  • There is a separate USB port 3.0.
  • Slow built-in player (solved by installing a third-party through Google Play);
  • Medium sound.
9.7 / 10
No matter what anyone says, my opinion is that Sony TVs are the best. Bought, calibrated, configured correctly Android - enjoy. The model is perfectly friendly with Netflix. Personally, I have no problems with the broadcast of 4K content over the air.

Top 55 inch 4K OLED TVs

100 900

This TV is not included in the category of flagship products LG SIGNATURE, but the fact is that the more advanced "senior comrades" are simply available in more than 55 inches. Well, the “wallpaper” effect is unavailable, there is no soundbar with interfaces placed on it, only the panel is still the same high-end OLED, the black depth has not gone away, and the contrast has not lost its infinity.

What else can bring the perfect image to the ideal as close as possible? Of course, high quality, powerful and “smart” processor α9, providing the best clarity and saturation of the picture. The colors are bright and deep, the ultra wide viewing angles. With Cinema HDR technology, premium content will delight with high details even of the brightest and darkest objects. And in the free time from viewing the interior will brighten up the gallery mode.

Sound configuration - 2.2, speaker power (total) - 40 watts. Supported audio format is Dolby Atmos, DTS codec. For external connections there are: 4 HDMI connectors, 3 USB ports, optical and linear audio outputs, LAN. Wireless connection is available via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Main advantages:
  • 4-step noise suppressor, 4K Upscaling, 10-bit color with a billion shades;
  • Smart TV for WebOS 4.0, voice control, remote control Magic Remote;
  • LG ThinQ AI, 4-core processor (central);
  • All-format tuner (digital) DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • The amount of operational (RAM) memory - 3 GB, built-in - 8.
  • Do not hang close to the wall;
  • The probability of burnout.
9.9 / 10
Excellent picture, including the dynamics, much better than the classic LED-TVs. The colors are incredibly saturated, the contrast is super. I liked the remote with a microphone. The sound makes a double impression: like the rules, but I think the soundbar does not hurt.
Sony KD-55AF9
163 990

Using this TV as an example, Sony clearly demonstrates what happens when an excellent in terms of quality matrix on self-luminous pixels is combined with advanced image enhancement technologies. And in the latter, the Japanese had “eaten the dog” long before the now-present “Koreans”.

Is it worth clarifying that the picture of the KD-55AF9 is magnificent. Triluminos Display based on OLED is strong. The unique 4K X1 ™ Ultimate processor delivers incredibly sharp images with truly deep black, vivid natural colors. Technology Pixel Contrast Booster significantly enhances the brightness and contrast.

And as the Japanese did with the sound! The volume cinematic effect is achieved by the Acoustic Surface Audio + system. There are 3 drivers and 2 subwoofers in the arsenal, and the screen surface itself can act as a central speaker of a home theater.

Main advantages:
  • Gorgeous 4K image, excellent detail, HDR with support for Dolby Vision;
  • Screen frequency - 120 Hz, super comfortable viewing angles - 178 ° / 178 °, 10-bit color;
  • Multitasking Smart platform on Android 8.0 Oreo, Google Voice Assistant;
  • RAM - 4 GB, ROM - 16;
  • LAN, W-Fi, Bluetoooth, 4 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0.
  • Class B power consumption;
  • The screen is tilted when the desktop installation due to the folding rear delivery in the style of the photo frame.
9.8 / 10
Revised several options. This TV seemed almost a reference in image quality. Slovak assembly is clearly not bad. Now in operation for about 4 months - everything is in order, not the slightest disappointment. With Android quickly figured out.
79 000

The most budget of 4K OLED TVs LG. Cheaper you can find only the option with Full HD screen, the rationality of the purchase of which is clearly a big question. What can not be said about this model, since the notorious optimal quality-price ratio is exactly about it.

With more expensive panels on self-highlighting pixels on the level of the picture is somewhat difficult. After all, if in older versions a α9 image processor specially developed for LG OLED TV is installed, here the manufacturer found the α7 variant simpler to be sufficient. However, the model looks very solid against the background of classic LED and Nano Cell TVs.

The rest of the functional characteristics are similar to the C8 series: Cinema HDR, WebOS 4.0, ThinQ AI, gallery mode, Dolby Atmos sound support. Speaker System - 2.2. Magic Remote is included in the package. All-format tuner - DVB-T2 / C / S2. Interfaces HDMI, USB, LAN in place.

Main advantages:
  • Extended color range, up to 4K;
  • Absolutely comfortable viewing angles;
  • Compatibility with Dolby Vision content;
  • High-speed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth;
  • There is a headphone jack.
  • Artifacts are noticeable in dynamic scenes;
  • The feeling of lack of brightness.
9.6 / 10
Not bad for your money. High-quality picture with a bunch of settings, normal sound, smart Smart. My family is happy with the TV, so everything is fine. They were frightened by burnout, but he seemed to be coping himself.

How to choose a 55-inch TV?

The range of prices even for the best TVs with a 55-inch display is quite high - with comparatively similar characteristics at first glance, the highest price tag can be 3-5 times higher than the minimum. At the same time, simply saying “there is no overpayment for the brand” will not work - this situation is observed in each of the manufacturers, therefore, in order not to make a bad choice, you need to understand the difference between a budget TV and a top class model.

If you do not go into details, then any LCD TV consists of four main blocks:

  • Power. It provides all nodes with electricity, from generation to generation it changes extremely slowly and has no effect on the picture.
  • Sound. The principle of operation of the speakers does not change since their invention. Sound quality manufacturers achieve through the design of resonators and other auxiliary systems. If you want to listen to high-quality sound, even for TOP TVs, users buy additional sound systems.
  • Display matrix. It just shows the picture - in fact it is a lot of multi-colored light bulbs that turn on or off. Image quality is most affected by response time — how quickly a particular light bulb can change its color. Then the resolution of the display goes, and the higher it is, the more powerful the processing unit should be.
  • Image processing device. Gives the command matrix what and how to show. Usually, this is just a processor and an additional chipset, but it depends on the instructions embedded in them, on which technologies the video signal will be processed.

Budget models will often have a lower class matrix. - with lower resolution and longer response time, and not so high-quality stuffing for video signal processing. It should be borne in mind that when watching a video in digital quality, the difference can be immediately and not seen. The best "measure" when choosing a TV here will only watch videos recorded in several formats and in different quality, as well as the main TV shows.

Also it is necessary to take into account that the same characteristic of the budget and TOP TV will look a little different. For example, such a popular feature as Smart TV, the budget device will simply be used to display videos from Youtube, and in the premium model, a full-fledged Android or similar operating system is “stitched”. There will be a difference in the number of USB and HDMI inputs - you can connect more devices to the TOP models at the same time.

The last thing to stop is - what is mid-priced televisions. Most often, these are flagships or models of the past years that are close to them, which somewhat recede into the background with the release of new ones, but not losing their popularity. It’s just that they don’t have the latest “frills” for which connoisseurs of high-quality video get Top-rated premium TV models.

As a result, if the difference between TVs of the budget and middle class more often lies in e-stuffing and less often as a matrix, then the TOP models take the lead just at the opportunity to “feel the unknown” and evaluate the quality of new developments that are not widely available.

What to choose from here depends only on the intended use of the TV, the desire to understand its settings and the financial capabilities of the buyer.

Which 55-inch TV is better to buy?

The first thing you can advise is to pay close attention to suitable models from our rating of the best 55-inch TVs. There are really very worthy candidates for home registration. However, there are certain nuances that are worth knowing further.

Not the best way to choose the perfect TV remotely. Before making an order, there is a reason visit a good retail electronics supermarket, preferably with a flash drive, where the test videos, backgrounds are recorded. Having outlined the circle of applicants, it is worth asking the seller to turn off the shop's demo picture of the store demo mode, but it is better to take the remote control in your own hands. It remains only to rely on your own taste, at the same time checking whether the copy you like reads the usual formats of video and audio.

It is possible to focus on reviews online, but this should be done with caution. Some obviously have a veiled advertising character, and sometimes are a blatant black PR designed to discredit competitors. Wild, wild domestic marketing!

Clearly need to clarify the technical parameter such as display refresh rate. The fact is that many shops and even some “experts”, whether from some mercantile motives, or naively or unknowingly, interpret it very freely, attributing 100, 200 Hz and even more to quite ordinary screens. In reality, the standard for domestic TV is the standard 60 Hz (50 for the European broadcasting system). And only premium and some models close to them have matrices with the present frequency up to 120 Hz.

Confusion in the minds of making all sorts of dynamic scene smoothing technologies. They are mostly software, they can draw intermediate frames, insert black, make the backlight flicker in the imperceptible range. That is, as far as they are working, they modify the incoming content, but they do not alter the physical characteristics of the display. By the way, when the movement on the screen looks excessively blurry or jerking, it is often recommended to turn off all these enhancers.

Have a good shopping!

Watch the video: BEST 55 INCH 4K TV UNDER 500 (November 2019).