10 best satellite receivers

When not only processing is important

Gone are the days when the satellite receiver existed only as an intermediate link between the dish and the TV. Now, such devices are not only processing the received signal - they can be used as a media player, for which it is enough to plug in a flash drive or external drive. They allow you to record interesting television programs for later viewing at a more convenient time. We are ready to take on the organization of the connection to Internet services. In fact, there are practically no classic satellite receivers, and the circuit development is moving towards maximum versatility TV set-top boxes. It is about such devices that will be discussed now, but with an emphasis on DVB-S / S2 / S2X reception.

Ranking of the best digital receivers 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Cheap Digital Receivers1Openbox S3 CI HD9.1 / 103 200
2World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S28.9 / 101 590
The best mid-range satellite receivers1Gi S81208.7 / 106 800
2GS B532M8.0 / 106 900
The best high-end digital receivers1VU + Zero 4K9.7 / 1012 240
2Opticum 4K HD519.6 / 1013 990
The best digital receivers on Android1Formuler S Turbo 4K PRO9.2 / 107 800
2GOLDMASTER I-912B9.2 / 1012 600
3MECOOL KIII PRO9.1 / 1011 990
4Openbox AS4K CI Pro9.0 / 107 900

Best Cheap Digital Receivers

Openbox S3 CI HD
3 200

Inexpensive digital receiver with support for CI + technology and the corresponding slot. The model is not the first youth, but the good functionality and stable operation do not allow to fade away the user interest in S3 CI HD. Despite the presence of HD in the name of the console, you should focus on its use for receiving mainly SD channels.

From the receiver’s soft chips, mention should be made of the ability to work with T2-MI transponders and multi-channel audio support (AC-3). Of course, not in the default state, but with firmware v145 and higher. Of the material - an external IR receiver in the kit and ergonomic flip front cover. Officially can work with cards Tricolor and NTV-Plus. There is a possibility of simultaneous output of a television picture through different interfaces. Video from the Internet is capable of broadcasting, but this mode of operation is still not the main one.

Main advantages:
  • availability of slot CI +;
  • remote IR receiver;
  • there is an RF modulator;
  • rich set of interface connectors;
  • good support.
  • There are problems with reading some cards;
  • Not the best choice for watching Internet TV.
9.1 / 10
Excellent sound budget worker! They took the super-popular S3 Mini as a basis, added a CI slot (with support for NTV + and Tricolor modules), installed a component video output (important for owners of old plasmas and LCD necks, who either do not have HDMI, or just one, but also want DVD or BR stick), and all this is placed in a metal case.
World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2
1 590

This digital receiver received such a high rating in our rating for its unique price / performance ratio. The device is equipped with two channel selectors, which allows it to receive television signals of all existing standards. Well, for almost everyone, the Foros Combo is still not capable of working with DVB-S2X. But she is "friendly" with the T2-MI transponders, i.e. is a universal option for receiving free federal channels, and almost does not depend on the existing geological conditions. The antenna housekeeping and the satellite part of the receiver are set up from a smartphone using a special application. To further expand the functionality of the Foros Combo will connect the USB-adapter Wi-Fi. It should be noted that this method of communication between the set-top box and the outside world is the most problematic.

Main advantages:
  • universal ultrabudgetary "combine";
  • able to work with transponders T2-MI;
  • 3 ways to download playlists.
  • I would like more memory;
  • Wi-Fi adapter has to “juggle” periodically;
  • small selection of compatible adapters;
  • There are claims to the stability of the firmware.
8.9 / 10
Opens channels in BISS coding, it is possible to view multiplexes from the satellite in the T2-MI standard. Also there is the ability to view through the Internet (YouTube, etc.).

The best mid-range satellite receivers

Gi S8120
6 800

This satellite receiver differs from the others in a large number of functions. The buyer will receive numerous applications with which you can use different online services. After switching on and initial setup, ruTorrent, Google Maps and YouTube will be available. Thus, you will be much less likely to start the computer. Why download movies and TV shows using a PC, if now it can be done thanks to the receiver, without being distracted from watching satellite TV? The device connects to the World Wide Web via an Ethernet port. If you are interested in the wireless method, you will have to purchase a USB modem with support for Wi-Fi or 3G. Qualitative model.

Main advantages:
  • A large number of plugins
  • High-quality assembly
  • Quick setup
  • TV recording support
  • No Wi-Fi module
  • One USB port
8.7 / 10
GS B532M
6 900

The chip of mid-budget receivers of the General Satellite holding, the technical partner of Tricolor, is considered a two-tuner design. The owners of such devices have the opportunity to simultaneously watch different channels on the TV and, for example, a tablet. Additionally, you need a router and client application on a mobile gadget. Script viewing on two televisions is also real. True, there will already have to re-buy a special console. In all other aspects, this camera product is not interesting. We only note that all the variety of current models: 531, 532, 533, 534, 5310, 5311 are the essence of the same digital receiver. Simply odd-numbered devices are offered for exchange, with even-numbered ones being sold, and the fundamental difference between the “pairs” is in the different amounts of internal memory (8 GB / 16 GB / none, respectively).

Main advantages:
  • two DVB-S2 tuners;
  • built-in access module for Tricolor TV channels;
  • additional operator service.
  • binding to one operator;
  • need a converter with two outputs or a splitter;
  • inconvenient menu;
  • triggered by "alien" remote controls.
8.0 / 10
I do not understand why Tricolor is so disliked and bad reviews are written about him. Personally, I have been using the receiver for a year now and am very pleased with the purchase.

The best high-end digital receivers

VU + Zero 4K
12 240

Even the simplest model of a digital receiver of the Korean company Marusys Co Ltd. provides almost perfect quality of reception and processing of satellite TV signals. The main criterion for choosing a suitable VU + device is the picture of what definition you want to see on your screen, and other functionalities should be so all-encompassing. From our point of view, Zero 4K is the best receiver. Of course, if you do not need reception from multidirectional non-motorized antennas or support for DVB-C / T2 standards. By the way, the last item is easier to implement simply by using a tuner of the appropriate type (only a seat for the models of the Zero line is only one). In addition, the recommended receiver works fine with T2-MI transponders, and if there is a need to watch cable channels, you need to focus on consoles with two slots. Finally, the VU + Zero 4K can be retrofitted with a hard disk docking station (PVR KIT), which makes it possible to use the program recording function without looking at the capacity of the drive.

Main advantages:
  • excellent picture quality at any resolution;
  • supports almost all available standards;
  • works correctly with all conditional access modules;
  • Greater flexibility and expandability.
  • no gigabit ethernet.
9.7 / 10
4K Samsung TV. Control his own remote control without any problems. The picture is juicy. Modules do not use. NTV + Ultra HD - everything works.
Opticum 4K HD51
13 990

Our rating is continued by a very popular model of a modular digital receiver found on sale under various brand names. The list of supported standards depends on the configuration. The main tuner of the device works with any satellite broadcasting formats, including S2X. It is possible to install a second selector, for example, DVB-C / T2, which will also allow receiving over-the-air channels. With all the current Internet services Opticum 4K HD51 interacts no less successfully. Unlike the receiver discussed above, the design of this model allows you to install a hard disk inside the case. On the other hand, such universality has a negative effect on dimensions. A clear advantage of the HD51 is the presence of a gigabit LAN interface. At a minimum, the bandwidth of wired Ethernet will not become a bottleneck when streaming ultra-high-quality films. And on the same YouTube or IPTV this content is becoming more and more.

Main advantages:
  • successful universal design;
  • powerful hardware platform;
  • potentially able to work with any standards;
  • gigabit ethernet port.
  • difficult to customize.
9.6 / 10
I purchased this receiver to view DVB-C MTS using MTS CAM-module. Initially, the image of OpenPli stood, it failed to catch channels on cable TV, I caught it on DVB-T2, but not all. I asked for OpenATV. On this image, cable channels were found, Ultra HD channels shows.

The best digital receivers on Android

Formuler S Turbo 4K PRO
7 800

A significant advantage of digital receivers on Android is their initial compatibility with mobile technology. And running under the control of not only the operating system with a green robot. Say what you like, and the smartphone provides more flexible and complete control over the console, allows you to customize both itself and the components of the antenna farm, well, and it is quite suitable for viewing streaming video (or vice versa). With the profile capabilities, the recommended Formuler S Turbo 4K PRO is also all on the level: there is a CI + slot in which you can install the latest versions of conditional access modules of all popular operators, video decoding is supported up to the HEVC4K standard, work with Internet services is perfectly implemented web surfing. There are no critical flaws in the receiver, but there are oddities. For example, the size of supported memory cards is limited to 32 GB, and the speed of wired Ethernet is 10/100 Mbps. Somehow unconvincing to work with "heavy" content.

Main advantages:
  • the ability to install any conditional access modules;
  • H.265 HEVC codec with full 4K support;
  • perfectly integrates with smartphones;
  • remote IR receiver;
  • Wi-Fi adapter included.
  • supports memory cards up to 32 GB;
  • no gigabit LAN;
  • SD channels have high brightness.
9.2 / 10
I officially and Tricolor works, and NTV +, no problem. Activation is super. Channels opens instantly. There is no hangup when switching channels. There are small problems with the EPG, but for me it is not critical. In general, I recommend, for such money ... 4K is super.
12 600

The most advanced "wagon" of our ranking of the best digital receivers. Ready to fully work with all common standards and types of TV content sources. Including manage motorized antennas, cooperate with access cards and operator CAM-modules (CI + version 1.3), as well as connect to any Internet resources in accordance with individual settings. The device allows the installation of a hard disk and is controlled by a cool remote with spatial position sensors and a keyboard unit. The traditional skill set of typical digital set-top boxes, the developers decided to expand by supporting technology ZigBee. As a result of their efforts, GOLDMASTER I-912B has learned to perform the functions of the control center of the "smart home". Simply put, it allows you to combine digital television and security features: surveillance cameras, various sensors, an external siren. And the older model of the line (I-912A) can even boast of a backup power source and an integrated 4G module.

Main advantages:
  • virtually any digital television standards;
  • multifunctional control panel;
  • allows you to build a simple "smart home" system.
  • long channel switching;
  • there are problems with YouTube;
  • not thought out ventilation system.
9.2 / 10
Heated not much, 2 GB of RAM for the eyes, nothing hangs, everything flies. CI + modules MTS, Tricolor and NTV work fine, Oscam at 5, the picture pleased. From the market put everything you choose.
11 990

Hardly anyone in real life will be 100% use of the talents of this console, although in our review it is presented due to its main feature - the initial ability to work with all popular sources of digital television signal. In the small case of MECOOL KIII PRO there was a place for a hybrid receiver that supports DVB-C / T2 / S2 standards, and for a full-fledged TV box, allowing you to conveniently organize access to all imaginable Internet resources. Keep in mind that the native firmware of the device successfully copes with the latter, but to get a high-quality image from the satellites, it is better to replace it with an alternative one. By the way, the replacement of the “drain” is also useful because at the heart of the firmware is the “simple” Android, and the vast majority of custom ones are its special TV version, even if it is unofficial. Well, the cooling system of this console needs to be improved.

Main advantages:
  • works with all relevant sources of TV content;
  • the possibility of prompt assistance.
  • there are complaints about the low sensitivity of the DVB-C / T / T2 receiver;
  • for high-quality satellite "numbers" requires a flashing;
  • the existing cooling system is worth refining.
9.1 / 10
As for me, the picture quality is super. Conveniently, in one box you can get all the content without restrictions. This is a mini computer on Android + satellite and terrestrial TV.
Openbox AS4K CI Pro
7 900

Quite decent AS4K CI Pro staff skills can be further enhanced by equipping usable USB components such as a 3G modem or a DVB-T2 tuner. Another question is whether such bundles are expedient, as long as it is still more practical to connect the first to the router, and this model allows you to receive a free package of federal channels from a T2-MI transponder, for example, Express AM-6 (53 ° E) satellite. Note, as in the previous case, we recommend the PRO-version of the receiver, characterized by increased memory capacity.

Of the convenient features of the device, its ability to simultaneously record three television channels (or one transponder) deserves special mention. And some potential buyers may be interested in an extended program guide - with a program for 7 days.

Main advantages:
  • CI + slot and universal card reader;
  • supports work with transponders T2-MI;
  • able to simultaneously record three programs;
  • able to work with 3G-modem and DVB-T2 tuner via USB interface;
  • Remote IR receiver, Wi-Fi adapter and a learning remote included.
  • problem software;
  • the complexity of the realization of all possibilities for the unprepared user.
9.0 / 10
I note the stability of the tuner. Also I can not say about the built-in operating system. This is a godsend! Full Android provides access to any application. Here you can watch TV and play games. And I connect through the receiver to the camera of the smartphone. An interesting experience!

As you can see, the choice is rich enough and allows everyone to choose a digital receiver according to their needs. At the same time, we should not forget that the universality of low-cost models is still relatively conditional, and demonstrating, say, high-quality satellite reception, it can show mediocre results in other "disciplines."On the other hand, the solid price tag of the receiver does not guarantee its ideal work out of the box from the point of view of the picky user.

Have a good shopping!

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