6 top 7-inch tablets

The best compact tablets for work, games and communication

A huge plus of seven-inch tablets is that they do not take up so much space in any bag, and you can take them with you everywhere. And the fact that most of them have a mobile connection, makes them simply indispensable companions of any journey.

In a technical sense, 7-inch tablets in 2018 look the most deprived. Even if you make allowances for the steady decline in the general interest in such devices, as well as the offensive reluctance of leading companies to use hardware platforms and solutions more modern in their development. Enough productive offers among compact tablets simply cannot be found, and there is a dilemma for potential buyers: to take a phablet (with a smaller diagonal) or a powerful “tablet” with an 8-inch screen. In a word, there is not much to choose from, and we tried to objectively highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the main contenders for your attention. So let's get started: the best models of the end of 2017 - beginning of 2018 in our 7-inch tablet rating.

Ranking of the best 7-inch tablets in 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best cheap 7 inch tablets1Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7304X9.3 / 107 967
2Huawei Mediapad T3 7.09.3 / 106 374
3Digma Plane 7557 4G9.1 / 107 967
Top 7 inch clear screen tablets1Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X9.4 / 108 390
2Digma CITI 7507 4G9.1 / 105 595
3Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016)9.0 / 108 990

Best cheap 7 inch tablets

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7304X
7,967 (for an LTE-model with a memory capacity of 16 Gb)

The tablet will be interesting to economical users, who are still not so constrained in money to buy a complex device without clear technical support from the manufacturer and prospects for updates. Unfortunately, in the Russian retail there is only a version with 1 Gb of RAM, although “in nature” there is also a 2-gigabyte version of this device. In principle, if you don’t try to use several applications in parallel, say, watch YouTube and chat, or don’t open tabs in the browser in bundles, the device shouldn’t be especially stupid. You should not count on any serious gaming application. Well, if you do not mean by such an Internet farming and similar ways of spending time. Finally, the 7-inch tablet TB-7304X will be good as a car navigator.

Main advantages:
  • minimum of pre-installed software;
  • there is FM radio;
  • good autonomy;
  • Works on all current LTE bands.
  • not enough RAM;
  • frankly weak cameras.
9.3 / 10
To view photos, read books, find news in the internet and briefly look at info in social networks - a good inexpensive 7-inch tablet. Do not count on anything more serious.
Huawei Mediapad T3 7.0
6,374 (for a 3G model with a memory capacity of 16 Gb)

Even if you do not plan to use the cellular communication module built into the tablet for organizing an Internet connection, still be guided by the 3G version of this compact ultrabudget traveler from Huawei. At least for the simple reason that it is equipped with a third more capacious battery, compared with the base model. And certainly thousands of savings are not worth the choice in favor of a complete set with one gigabyte of RAM "on board." This volume is at least enough for earlier versions of Android, but certainly not for Nougat and real multitasking. However, if the device is selected with an eye to use as a navigator or for a child - why not. By the way, the company produces a corresponding modification of the tablet under the name MediaPad T3 7 Kids. Moreover, against the background of other "children's" offers, it stands out favorably with the most convenient multifunctional handle.

Main advantages:
  • relatively good autonomy;
  • minimally comfortable RAM / internal memory;
  • "Children's" mode with convenient accessories (can be purchased separately).
  • low-power hardware platform;
  • very weak chamber part.
9.3 / 10
I took the tablet mainly as a compact reader, as well as for social networks and browsing. As a navigator, you can also use it, tried to install the last Navitel - it works fine with an external SD card.
Digma Plane 7557 4G
7,967 (for an LTE-model with a memory capacity of 16 Gb)

Since there is no elegance or high-quality tablets of “undignified” brands, they, as a rule, do not demonstrate, it is necessary to choose the best one, being guided by the technical capabilities declared by the manufacturer. In this sense, the recommended model is quite interesting and, more importantly, its merits are confirmed by the reviews of real owners. In fact, the main claim to the device named Plane 7557 4G is presented against the screen matrix. The picture on it is formed with a low maximum brightness, far from impressive contrast and relatively faded colors. The remaining disadvantages are quite expected: an extremely low-end hardware platform and “no” cameras. But the battery is capacious and there is enough memory for simple tasks. Cinema, for example, to see a book to read what is going on in the world to inquire.

Main advantages:
  • normal autonomy;
  • it is enough memory for quick work of simple applications;
  • 4G main bands support.
  • frankly budget characteristics of the display matrix;
  • poor cell part.
9.1 / 10
It is not a pity to leave the tablet in the car and it has a good battery, thanks to which I can not connect it to the charger when traveling around the city. Satellites catch quickly, no losses are noticed. On the tablet, you can use applications for motorists, including for diagnostics.

Top 7 inch clear screen tablets

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-7504X
8,390 (for an LTE model with a memory capacity of 16 Gb)

The most "advanced" 7-inch tablet at the time of the ranking. Given the typical scenarios for using such models, the performance of the filling, the memory capacity, the screen resolution and the functionality of the TB-7504X with a head will be enough for most users. Simple games, movies, surfing, electronic methods of communication - all this will go here without any problems, except for those complaints about the "fall" of regular applications for calls and SMS (when sorting contacts). But no one forbids using alternative software. In addition, representatives of the company promised to promptly correct the identified "bug." We especially note the presence of a multiplayer mode with the support of various children's profiles, as well as the possibility of third-party filtering of Internet content. Caring parents will certainly appreciate them.

Main advantages:
  • "Elongated" screen;
  • full telephone module;
  • thoughtful multiplayer mode with different children's profiles;
  • able to work on all bands used in domestic 4G networks.
  • far from the most modern Wi-Fi;
  • only one speaker;
  • does not support fast charging;
  • "Departures" when sorting contacts.
9.4 / 10
The speed of the tablet average - normal for "domestic" needs. I use the tablet in the car: car launcher ag, navigation, radar detector, inclinometer, megaphone-tv, internet. Sometimes all at once, part of the prog in the background works.
Digma CITI 7507 4G
5,595 (for an LTE model with 32 Gb memory)

This 7-inch tablet surprises a solid amount of internal memory. 32 Gb is a kind of record for models of this class. Considering the price, the device could claim the title “a gamer's dream with an extremely small budget”, if not for one “but”. The developers of CITI 7507 4G saved a decent amount on complete batteries - the lion's share of all user complaints is related to them. The main things in the “black list” are mediocre autonomy and fast battery failure. Nevertheless, we recommend this Digma tablet, but only to those buyers who know how to hold a soldering iron in their hands. If you believe one specialized forum, a couple of real owners have independently replaced the problem node and are now happy with the instantly transformed apparatus.

Main advantages:
  • good stock of internal memory;
  • surprisingly sturdy build;
  • tempting price tag.
  • small capacity and low quality battery;
  • needs "straight arms".
9.1 / 10
My Asphalt 8 is easy to use even at maximum settings. True, while the tablet is heated, and the battery lasts for 1 hour of play.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016)
8,990 (for the model SM-T285 with a memory capacity of 8 Gb)

Model 2016, which did not gain popularity at the time due to the exorbitant price requests of the company. It’s impossible to say that now this tablet has moved to the category of super-accessible ones, but it’s definitely worth a closer look at it. For example, because of a really convenient "child" mode with customizable access to all available applications, a limit on the use of the device and separate profiles for young users. The worst case for the Galaxy Tab A 7.0 is with the amount of memory, so do not be surprised at the outdated version of the operating system. Moreover, its updates are not foreseen, since the “appetites” for system resources of Android 6/7 are noticeably higher. Please note that in the trade network the same model may be offered under the name Tab A 6, and the “six” in the title has nothing to do with the screen diagonal.

Main advantages:
  • flexible "children's" mode;
  • full telephone module;
  • Works on most used 4G bands.
  • the very minimum of RAM / internal memory;
  • update the operating system will not;
  • the only speaker and it is located behind;
  • still high price.
9.0 / 10
The tablet is inexpensive and suitable for those who will read it, surf sites, sit in social networks and watch movies. Well, also as a navigator in the car.

Which seven-inch tablet is better to buy?

Unfortunately, even among the announced tablets, more interesting 7-inch models are missing as a class (as of the end of the first quarter of 2018). If your plans to use such a device do not imply tasks that are more difficult than reading books or surfing, launching casual games or watching videos, distracting children or car navigation, you will be satisfied with the “tablet” review. Have a good choice.

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