8 best children's lounge chairs

Freedom of my mother's hands! Choosing a children's chaise

Criteria for choosing a good baby lounge chair

Children's chaise - a modern and affordable way for mom to relax a bit or go about their business while the baby is playing with enthusiasm, examining everything around or sleeping. Today, from the resting place of the child, this object has turned into a whole system for the entertainment and development of the crumbs. What to look for when choosing a good baby lounge chair?


There are three types:

  • a usual chaise lounge on steady legs;
  • rocking chair. He has runners for swing, which can be fixed. There are also models with electronic, rather than mechanical rocking;
  • bouncer - thanks to the spring design, it swings from the movements of the child or adult.


The frame of a good chaise lounge consists of metal tubes (aluminum, steel) and a small amount of plastic. The best upholstery is fabric, removable, made of breathable materials that are easy to clean and wash.

Maximum child weight and dimensions

It is better to choose the most roomy and durable chaise lounge - then it will last longer.

Chaise lounger adjustment

Both the bed itself and the angle of inclination of the backrest and footboard can be adjusted.


An important feature is the stability of the chaise lounge at the load specified by the manufacturer. Be sure to have a seat belt (3-point or 5-point) and an anatomical liner, if the chair is intended for a newborn.

Mobility and compactness

The chaise longue should be moderately light, have carrying handles, and ideally a folding structure for easy storage and transportation.

Entertainment opportunities

Of the main ones - an arc with toys, the possibility of rocking, an electronic panel with music, vibration, light.

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Which manufacturers of children's lounge chairs is better to give preference?

When choosing a chaise lounge for a newborn, Expert Price recommends paying attention primarily to its safety and functionality. The most safe and reliable chaise lounges of European and American brands: Babybjorn (Sweden), 4moms and Bright stars (USA), Nuovita and Chicco (Italy), Tiny love (Israel), Caretero (Poland). In addition, most of them have a stylish appearance and comfortable, thoughtful design. The most remarkable thing is that among them you can find both expensive models and more affordable ones. For example, Tiny love It boasts the widest range of loungers from simple and inexpensive to designer and technological.

Popular Chinese brands offer the classic type of lounge chairs: bright colors, an arc with toys and a music panel. Unfortunately, their quality and convenience does not always meet expectations. In the low-cost segment, you should pay attention to brands Happy Baby, Jetem, Fischer-Pricethat offer decent performance and wide functionality at reasonable prices.

Price Expert chose 8 popular children's lounge chairs that stand out for the best consumer characteristics.

Top best children's lounge chairs - TOP 8

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best classic lounge chairs for newborns1Happy baby nesty10 / 103 599
2Tiny Love Traveler9.8 / 102 570
3Caretero boom9.7 / 104 625
4Baby Bjorn Balance Soft9.7 / 1011 270
The best children's chaise lounges with the electronic block1Tiny Love Garden 3 in 19.8 / 1010 380
2Nuovita petalo9.8 / 107 399
34moms MamaRoo 4.09.7 / 1020 900
4Chicco Balloon New9.6 / 108 113

The best classic lounge chairs for newborns

Happy baby nesty
3 599

Affordable chaise lounge for babies from birth with decent functionality: manual rocking back and forth, three-point seat belts, three positions of the backrest, including a fully horizontal one. Runners are fixed. The design is foldable, the arc, the toys themselves and the upholstery are removable. Includes a soft liner for the little ones. Sleeper long - 85 cm.

Main advantages:
  • good workmanship;
  • inexpensive compared to peers;
  • folding;
  • there are handles for carrying;
  • lightweight (3.3 kg);
  • nice colors.
  • for this price not found.
10 / 10
Comfortable thing at a nice price. Arc, runners, toys, belts, clamps, backrest adjustment - all the same as expensive models, but much cheaper! Like that everything is removable - easy to use, easy to wash.
Tiny Love Traveler
2 570

The best travel deck chair bouncer. It frees mom's hands and saves the family budget. Easy, steady, with nonskid overlays on legs, it is displayed and develops one movement. This model is devoid of most of the usual functions, but it has a significant advantage - the chaise lounge can be easily decomposed on any flat surface even with a baby in her arms, and it weighs a little more than two kilograms. The cover is removable, very easy to clean, there are three-point belts with soft lining.

Main advantages:
  • affordable price;
  • weight 2.4 kg;
  • folding design;
  • air permeability;
  • case bag for storage and carrying.
  • the back is not regulated.
  • no play arc.
9.8 / 10
Tiny Love's folding bouncer is my daily mate outside! The chaise lounge opens one hand, it develops two. Bag-case included, you can carry it on your shoulder and put it down in the stroller.
Caretero boom
4 625

Stylish chaise-bowl designed for active parents who are used to taking the baby with them. This is confirmed by a convenient folding design - the chair folds in one motion, instantly becoming flat and compact. Before buying it is necessary to take into account that the bend of the runners is small, therefore, rolling a child “with a breeze” will not work, only a gentle swaying is possible. The position of the child is governed by the inclination of the whole structure relative to the runners with a lever. The back is not separately adjustable.

Main advantages:
  • elegant design;
  • quality materials;
  • folding design;
  • not the backrest is regulated, but the angle of inclination of the “bowl”;
  • rocking function is weak;
  • no play arc.
9.7 / 10
A very beautiful chaise longue, folding system, we took him on a visit, in a cafe, and on vacation. Easy to change the slope of the back. It is a pity that there is no arc, with it in general would be perfect.
Baby Bjorn Balance Soft
11 270

Next in our ranking is a high-quality folding baby chaise lounge Baby Bjorn Balance Soft. A chaise lounge from a Swedish company is the benchmark for a comfortable and safe pastime for a child outside of parental hands. The Baby Bjorn chair takes up very little space, is lightweight and has a carefully tuned, stable construction. The bed tilt angle can be changed depending on the age of the baby, and natural self-swaying entertains the child and helps him fall asleep. According to reviews, the chair can successfully serve up to 2 years of age of the child.

Main advantages:
  • easy and strong folding design;
  • removable double-sided breathable cover;
  • bed with several positions;
  • maximum weight - 13 kg.
  • price;
  • in the complete set there are no entertainments: toys, music, etc.
9.7 / 10
Unkillable chair with a very high quality cover. Weight just over 2 kg, folds into a thin "leaf". From 4-5 months we wear a panties-lock, otherwise the child crawls out. The downside is the price of the armchair itself and additional accessories.

The best children's chaise lounges with the electronic block

Tiny Love Garden 3 in 1
10 380

3 in 1 means that the model can be used as a cradle, a chaise longue and a highchair, and in all three variations the product perfectly copes with its tasks. The bouncer is ideal as a baby cradle, since it has a rigid bed, high bumpers and an orthopedic mattress, and one of the positions is completely horizontal. It is good as a chaise lounge, as it has a full-fledged mobile with a music and light panel and toys, built-in vibration and seat belts. Convenient to start feeding due to the 3 positions of the back and high-quality, easily washable fabric. Alas, with such a considerable price, the chaise lounge has no folding system and no devices for carrying.

Main advantages:
  • multifunctionality;
  • excellent music panel and bright toys;
  • there is a game mode;
  • maximum child weight 18 kg;
  • textiles are completely removable;
  • wide steady clamps.
  • the moment of carrying is not thought out;
  • does not add up;
  • price.
9.8 / 10
Excellent functional option, used at 100%, only the price is high, if you take a new one. Wonderful mobile with good toys, nice vibration. One minus - to drag around the apartment is hard.
Nuovita petalo
7 399

Complete cradle with many additional features. This is rather a stationary option for use at home and on the balcony, since the weight of 7 kg and the non-folding design will not allow you to carry it all the time and carry it with you. But the advantages of this lounger in the other is a spacious cradle with a hood and a soft liner, adjustable backrest to a fully horizontal, five-point seat belts, can be rotated 180 degrees (swing can be both longitudinal and transverse). And, of course, a powerful electronic unit with 12 melodies, vibration, music download via Bluetooth and a noise sensor.

Main advantages:
  • multifunctionality;
  • resilience;
  • high-quality electronic unit with music and vibration;
  • stylish design;
  • noise sensor starts vibro;
  • The volume of the melodies is adjustable.
  • quite cumbersome;
  • not all parts can be removed for washing;
  • no separate arc, toys are attached to the hood.
9.8 / 10
Safety is the most important thing for me, the child is securely fixed, it will not be able to turn over the chaise lounge. The back is easily adjustable. There are built-in tunes, the volume can be changed. Satisfied!
4moms MamaRoo 4.0
20 900

Innovative electronic chaise lounge for babies from birth to 6 months. This product was created by the efforts of American designers, pediatricians, psychologists and ordinary moms. The chaise lounge has 5 types of swing, as close as possible to the movements of the mother during baby swinging and games, 4 modes of nature sounds, as well as the ability to connect to a smartphone or player. All actions are reflected on the display. Three toys-pendants may not seem quite ordinary to parents, but they are specifically designed to train the imperfect sight of babies.

Main advantages:
  • stylish appearance and manufacturability of a child seat;
  • The anatomic form of a bed verified by experts;
  • variety of modern means of entertainment of the kid.
  • price;
  • weight 6.6 kg.
9.7 / 10
Very comfortable and beautiful rocking chair. Upholstery can be easily removed and erased, the position of the backrest is easy to change. MP3 player helps very much - you can play any music that your child likes.
Chicco Balloon New
8 113

Next in our ranking is one of the most popular loungers, despite the rather high cost. The model has a small weight (4.2 kg) and a simple folding method that facilitates storage and transportation. The manufacturer has 4 positions of the back, including horizontal. The music and light panel is bright, with large colored buttons and three removable toys. It is possible to record sound for 30 seconds. The interactive unit is removable, it can be hung on the arc separately or used as a toy. The arc can be turned aside or removed. A huge plus is the “carrying capacity” of up to 18 kg, which allows you to use the chaise longer.

Main advantages:
  • beautiful and compact;
  • weight limit up to 18 kg;
  • the upholstery is removed and easy to clean;
  • functional electronic unit;
  • delicate vibration;
  • a good selection of melodies and sounds;
  • there are handles for carrying;
  • can be used as a highchair.
  • price.
9.6 / 10
Expensive, but we did not regret the purchase. Used right from birth, the benefit is the position of 180 degrees and the liner-mattress, and up to 7 months. Chaise as new, nothing broke.

So what is the lounger for newborns better to buy?

Of course, it is impossible to consider all worthy models in one article, and even the 6 options presented differ significantly not only in price, but also in functionality. Therefore, before buying it is desirable to determine exactly what will be the main purpose of the lounge chair, which need additional options.

The cheapest Chinese chaise lounges can be found on the website Aliexpress (choose models with good reviews!). But remember - Expert Prices recommends paying special attention to the safety of the structure and the reliability of all its elements!

Have a good shopping!