5 best icebreakers

Choosing a tool for ice fishing

The most important tool for lovers of ice fishing is ice screws. He replaced the old sandpikes, which our ancestors made holes in the ice. Today, anglers are offered many models that differ in design and technical characteristics. Choosing the best ice screw depends on the intensity of use.

Today we can distinguish three groups of ice beetles for fishing.

Manual models doing both in Russia and in the Scandinavian countries. Imported products are distinguished by perfect adjustment of the corners and sharpening of knives. But the high price and rotation to the right side often becomes a stumbling block for domestic anglers. A serious competition to the Swedish and Finnish models is ice-drills from Barnaul and St. Petersburg.

Motorized machinery required when the ice thickness is large, and for fishing you need to make a lot of holes. The gasoline engine will do all the hard work for the angler, who just needs to start the tool and press the gas.

Gaining popularity electric ice drills. To do this, a screwdriver is mounted to the auger using an adapter (adapter). Only store the battery in a warm place so that it does not lose its power.

In our ranking are the best ice-drills, which are to the liking of domestic fishermen.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best manual ice drills1Ice screw titanium TLR-130D (3 knives)9.9 / 1010 000
2Ice screw manual Nero-110-19.8 / 101 500
The best universal ice drills1Mora Ice Expert-Pro 200 mm9.9 / 1010 500
2Ice screw Mora Ice Arctic 130 mm9.8 / 1010 000
The best petrol ice drills1Motobur Ada Grounddrill-2 + Drill 1509.9 / 1015 200

The best manual ice drills

Ice screw titanium TLR-130D (3 knives)
10 000

Barnaul ice-drills are the most popular among domestic anglers. The product is lightweight due to the use of titanium. The model is equipped with three sharp knives. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of extending the auger. Ice screws of CJSC "Tonar" are distinguished by their strength and durability due to their resistance to corrosion. The handle is located on the same axis with the screw, which is usual for many domestic anglers. The tool is designed for drilling holes with a diameter of 130 mm with a maximum ice depth of 1.4 m. The best manual domestic ice drill in our ranking.

Main advantages:
  • low weight;
  • durability;
  • possibility of lengthening the screw.
  • the presence of backlash.
9.9 / 10
In my opinion, the Barnaul ice-drills are in no way inferior to the Scandinavian models. Over the forty-year experience I was able to test 4 ice-drills. TLR-130D - the best of them. I think the only drawback is poor-quality pairing of parts.
Ice screw manual Nero-110-1
1 500

In fact, a good inexpensive tool for drilling ice is the ice drill Nero-110-1. The model has an optimal combination of cutting head and knife sharpening angles, high performance in both hard and loose ice. To facilitate rotation, the manufacturer equipped the product with polypropylene sleeves, placing them in handles. The screw has a length of 62 mm, a drilling diameter of 110 mm. The weight of the model is 2.2 kg, the length in the working position is 160 cm. In the transport view, the handle and the screw are located in the same position. The length of the assembled product is 88 cm.

Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • compactness;
  • high performance.
  • knives shallowly penetrate the ice;
  • cover for knives flies during transport.
9.8 / 10
I like to catch ice from the ice. An ice drill Nero with a screw diameter of 110 mm is ideal for this fishing. The wells are made quickly, only slightly have to press the tool to the ice.

The best universal ice drills

Mora Ice Expert-Pro 200 mm
10 500

The model from Sweden Mora Ice Expert-Pro has become the best-selling imported ice drill. The Scandinavian manufacturer offers a wide range of tools for anglers with a screw diameter of 110-200 mm. The distinctive features of the model are reliability, resistance to rust, sharpness of knives, wide auger. Ice screw weighs a little, it is convenient in work and during transportation. The design is made in such a way that allows you to lengthen the auger, if necessary, to drill thick ice. The possibility of connection to the screw screw driver is provided. Ice screws are equipped with spherical knives with a straight blade.

Main advantages:
  • ease;
  • fast hole formation;
  • possibility of modernization.
  • high price.
9.9 / 10
For harvesting bream in winter requires a wide hole. It is most convenient to make it with the help of the ice-drill Mora Ice Expert-Pro (screw 200 mm). It works fine, both on hard and loose ice. The first time confused only the direction of rotation.
Ice screw Mora Ice Arctic 130 mm
10 000

A set of useful for angler properties has ice drill Mora Ice Arctic. Hole diameter 130 mm is suitable for catching such fish as roach, perch and pike. The tool quickly makes holes in dry and wet, in hard and loose ice. A 18 mm adapter is required for connection to the screwdriver. There is an extension cord that allows holes to be made in thick ice. In working position, the length of the model is 1740 - 2130 mm. Tool weight - 3.7 kg.

Main advantages:
  • universality;
  • sharp knives;
  • high build quality.
9.8 / 10
I chose this tool specifically for connecting the screwdriver. Although manually wells are made instantly. When I want to warm up, I use it in the classic version. For thick ice I put a screwdriver.

The best petrol ice drills

Motobur Ada Grounddrill-2 + Drill 150
15 200

Among gasoline icebreakers, the Ada Grounddrill-2 is popular among anglers. Engine power in 2.45 liters. with. Enough to quickly drill holes in thick ice. Engine capacity - 52 cm. Cube. The fuel tank holds 1.2 liters of gasoline. The weight of the model is 11 kg. The screws can be used in different diameters from 110 to 200 mm. In the kit comes a screw with a length of 1 m and a diameter of 150 mm. If thick ice is to be drilled, use of extension rods is foreseen. Included with the motor-drill is a set of tools, a canister for mixing gasoline with oil, a funnel for filling the tank. For ease of use in cold weather, the model is equipped with rubberized handles.

Main advantages:
  • strong frame;
  • rubberized handles;
  • profitability;
  • compactness.
  • requires the ability to handle petrol engineering.
9.9 / 10
Motobur wound up on the first attempt. Holes doing very quickly. Motor power is enough with a margin. I tried to make holes in the ground under the posts. I liked it very much, I will redo the fence in the country.

Which ice drill is better to buy?

Ice screws for fishing differ significantly in price. Therefore, when choosing the best model, an angler should consider the intensity of exploitation and the climate of your region.

  • Young beginner fishermen do not spend big money to buy branded products. Low-cost domestic ice-drills are quite suitable for drilling holes.
  • To old people It may be advisable to use a sharply sharpened hand tool in order not to waste a lot of physical strength. Connecting a screwdriver or using gasoline equipment can be a good alternative.
  • When to do many holes in thick ice, it is worth stopping the choice on electro-or motor-drills. If the air temperature is above -10ºС, then the instrument will handle the work with the battery. At lower temperatures, it is more profitable to use a benzo tool.

It is also necessary to take into account the size of the holes that the ice-drill will do.

  • For sport fishing suitable tools with a screw diameter of 90-110 mm.
  • Average fishI manage to pull out on ice through a hole with a diameter of 110-150 mm. Such auger is suitable for both mormyshchnikov, and for zherlichnikov.
  • Those fishermen who hunt for trophy fish, it is necessary to choose ice-drills with a screw of 180-250 mm. But to manually drill a wide hole, you have to spend a lot of physical strength.

Successes on fishing!

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