5 best ice cream makers

Do you like ice cream? Do it at home

Ice cream is a traditional delicacy for all generations. Both adults and especially children love it, the benefit of a lack of this product in domestic shops was never felt. Another thing is that with respect to him, the classic proposition "earlier was better than now" is often justified. After all, modern manufacturers do not stop to replace natural milk, cream with powders, and instead of chocolate or fruit and berry fillers use all sorts of dyes and flavors, not to mention preservatives. So why not make the right ice cream yourself? Moreover, the process will be completely uncomplicated if there is a convenient and functional appliance - a household ice-cream maker. The best ice cream makers, which in the summer of 2018 are widely distributed on store shelves - in our ranking.

What are the ice cream makers?

Ice cream makers are initially divided into mechanical and electrical. But since in the age of high technology, the first version with manual rotation of the blades for 40 minutes looks downright antedilous and can hardly be considered comfortable, only the more advanced and convenient versions with electric drive will be considered in our review.

Semi automatic

Equipped with a removable bowl, which must first be kept 12-24 hours in the freezer at a temperature not higher than -18 ° C. After that, the mixture prepared according to the selected recipe is poured into the cooled container, the ice cream maker turns on for 20-40 minutes and, voila, the tender dessert is ready.


They are also called compressor, or freezers. This ice cream machine is equipped with a built-in refrigeration unit, due to which the desired bowl temperature is reached in 5-10 minutes after switching on. Next, the already familiar procedure - the mixture is poured and after about half an hour everything is ready. We still need to - wait a few minutes (and not 12-18 hours, as in the case of semi-automatic models) and repeat the process (perhaps with a different recipe).

The main criteria for choosing a good ice cream maker

Bowl volume

The amount of the finished product at the output depends on this parameter. Accordingly, you need to choose the ice cream maker on demand. With regards to semi-automatic models, it is important to take into account the fact that the bowl should simply fit in your freezer.


Semiautomatic enough from 4 to 50 W, depending on the volume of the bowl and the design of the drive. Automatic models consume more - 135-200 watts. It is not surprising, because, apart from the engine for rotating the blades, they have a sort of mini-fridge with a full-fledged motor-compressor.

Additional features and options

  • Timer with beep;
  • Yogurt cooking mode;
  • Existence of a viewing window;
  • A list of recipes in the manual or in a separate brochure.
CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Automatic Ice Makers1NEMOX TALENT GELATO & SORBET9.9 / 1030 000
2BRAND 38129.7 / 1018 900
The best semi-automatic ice cream makers1NEMOX DOLCE VITA 1.59.9 / 107 000
2Clatronic ICM 36509.8 / 103 300
3Steba ic209.7 / 105 000

Top Automatic Ice Makers

30 000

Opens the ranking of the best ice cream makers high-quality compressor model for the preparation of delicious desserts based on natural ingredients. For the owners of TALENT GELATO & SORBET, it will not be difficult to diversify the family ration not only with classic cream, but also with exquisite Italian gelato, various fruit sorbet, yogurt ice cream, granite with a wide range of flavors.

In the design of the freezer, 2 containers are provided: fixed from stainless steel and a removable bucket with a 1.5-liter handle. In one session, you can get up to 0.9 kg (1.4 l) of the finished product without any particular hassle in some 25-30 minutes. A consistently excellent result is ensured by the interaction of a highly efficient cooling unit and a patented double rotor agitator, automatically varying the speed depending on the sequence of adding components.

TALENT GELATO & SORBET is available in several body color options - white, pink, yellow.

Main advantages:
  • Induction motor 25 RPM;
  • Extended warranty - 2 years;
  • Production - Italy.
  • High price.
9.9 / 10
This ice cream maker can be used without problems both at home and in a small cafe. For quality, reliability and convenience - no complaints. Performance at altitude. The price tag is too big, but the result is worth it.
BRAND 3812
18 900

A more affordable automatic ice cream maker, the price of which is noticeably lower than that of the previous model, which, in general, is easily explained by its Chinese origin. Nevertheless, the characteristics and functionality are very worthy, and the presence of a 2-year branded warranty gives confidence.

The device is made in a robust housing made of metal and plastic, overwhelmed solidly and stylishly. It can not be called compact, but, given the presence of a built-in refrigeration unit with the possibility of freezing from -18 to -35 ° C, this is quite normal. The model is considered to be universal, since it is available in the preparation of ice cream, natural homemade yogurt and even ice cubes. Accordingly, the kit includes: a 1.5-liter metal bowl, a plastic bucket with a lid and special molds with a cylinder.

Digital control with LCD display is simple and clear, there is a function of additional cooling up to 1 hour, an increase in cooking time is possible directly in the process.

Main advantages:
  • Defrost function;
  • Motor overload protection;
  • Recipe book, measuring cup and spoon included.
  • Considerable weight and dimensions;
  • Production - China.
9.7 / 10
Very good freezer, pleased. He took a decent place on the table, but we quickly adapted. It is important in the manufacture of ice cream to use quality ingredients. Children are happy, and adults are happy.

The best semi-automatic ice cream makers

7 000

In the category of the best semi-automatic ice cream makers, the device from NEMOX wins again. This household uncompressed freezer is convenient and easy to operate. Moreover, it is also a very stylish attribute that can decorate the kitchen interior, and turn the process of preparing and serving ready-made ice cream into a kind of ceremony, which, for example, will be very useful during the festive meals and will please the guests a lot. In addition, the model is not only beautiful in appearance, but also easy to clean, hygienic and resistant to mechanical stress.

An elegant look is quite expected from the Italian manufacturer, but not a single design. In a stainless steel bowl for 30-40 minutes you can cook up to 900 g of ice cream or sorbet. Thanks to the container with double hermetic walls, the device in addition to its direct responsibilities can be used to cool drinks. The Dolce Vita series is presented by models 1.5 and 1.1 l.

The body is made of white or black ABS plastic. There is a version of Chrome, but for it, with the same characteristics, you have to pay more.

Main advantages:
  • Low weight - 2.8 kg;
  • Inverter drive;
  • Warranty - 24 months.
  • High price;
  • The need for prolonged freezing of the bowl.
9.9 / 10
It is impossible to say that we use the ice cream maker all the time, but when we get enough, the children and guests are unimaginably satisfied. Who would have expected that such a not very complicated kitchen appliance could cause so much positive.
Clatronic ICM 3650
3 300

Very interesting and very inexpensive semi-automatic ice cream maker with mechanical control. Everything is simple, clear and to the point. In the set there are at once two comfortable cute cups of 500 ml each, which allows you to simultaneously prepare different types of ice cream. Of course, these containers with double walls, you must first cool in the freezer for the allotted time. The top covers are transparent, which means that the process of preparation and thickening of the cream is available for visual inspection.

Getting the finished product takes on average 15-30 minutes, but for maximum convenience, the design provides a mechanical timer up to 45 minutes. Removable mixing corollas, which greatly facilitates their cleaning. The device consumes only 12 W, however, this is more than enough for making dessert up to 1 liter. In order to prevent sliding on the table, rubberized legs are provided.

Main advantages:
  • Simplicity and convenience;
  • Small separate cups easily fit in the freezer;
  • Interesting design.
  • The whole construction is plastic;
  • Assembly - China.
9.8 / 10
Compact and easy to use model. The ice cream maker is inexpensive, but it only showed itself from the best side. Ice cream turns out tasty, prepares pretty quickly. Cups with handles are very convenient.
Steba ic20
5 000

A nice and very well made ice cream maker, one of the obvious advantages of which is a roomy (1.5 l), but at the same time compact aluminum bowl 15 in height and 18 cm in diameter. In addition, the model is equipped with a mechanical timer up to 30 minutes, and its top lid is transparent, which makes it possible to observe the cooking process.

For one session lasting less than 30 minutes, this model allows you to get 800-900 g of excellent dessert. Recipe is available in the user manual, and if you want even more diversity, to help you "world wide web" and your own imagination.

It is easy to find a convenient spoon for forming balls and a lid in the set of the device, which is useful when storing the finished ice cream directly in the bowl. Steba IC20 consumes only 9.5 W, weight - 2.9 kg.

Main advantages:
  • High-quality plastic;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Fully collapsible design.
  • Warranty only 1 year;
  • Production - China.
9.7 / 10
My first ice cream maker and immediately successful. Excellent quality, good plastic without any odors, a timer, a window for adding ingredients, a large bowl. Of course, it takes a long time to freeze, but without it in any way.

What kind of electric ice cream is better to choose?

When choosing the best ice cream maker, in fact, much depends on the material possibilities. Most effective and convenient. compressor models. They are always ready to work, they allow getting different types of ice cream fairly quickly, even for several sessions, they can be an excellent help during parties or children's parties. But the price, to put it mildly, “bites” and not everyone can afford a household appliance for a kitchen costing from 15 to 90 thousand rubles.

Availability semi-automatic models makes them the most popular. Such ice cream makers are the best option for not very frequent use (for example, on weekends). The average price tag of 3-5 thousand rubles is unlikely to greatly harm the family budget, and children will be happy. And adults certainly will not deny themselves the pleasure of tasting their own natural dessert without any vegetable fats of unknown origin and artificial additives.