10 best portable speakers

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If you are not lucky to have a bench next to the windows of the first floors (or, worse, a park), then the words “portable speaker” can already trigger attacks of uncontrollable hatred: what, if not like devices, is better suited to demonstrate the lack of musical taste at night? Well, except that a broken bobrovskaya acoustic guitar or "nine" with a Chinese subwoofer.

However, the "peaceful" use of portable portable speakers can always be found - you can, after all, get on the nature quite well. You can "prescribe" a similar gadget in the garage or workshop - with your favorite music and work better. Finally, a portable speaker is an essential attribute of a street musician or “electrician worker”. And with the convenience of transportation, of course, I want to get more and, if possible, high-quality sound, although in this format it is physically difficult. So today we’ll talk about portable speakers: which ones to buy, which ones you can keep in mind, and which ones are better not to look at.

Ranking of the best portable speakers of 2019 - Top 10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best cheap portable speakers1Creative MUVO 29.8 / 103 960
2SVEN PS-4809.3 / 103 270
3Awei Y2809.0 / 102 900
Best midrange portable wireless speakers1Audio Pro Addon T39.7 / 1014 990
2Marshall kilburn9.5 / 1015 450
The best high-end portable speakers1Naim Audio Mu-so Qb9.7 / 1058 880
2Dynaudio Music 39.5 / 1061 990
Best Protected Portable Speakers1Dreamwave Rockstar S9.8 / 1039 290
2Ultimate Ears Megaboom9.6 / 1014 100
3Denon Envaya Pocket DSB-50BT9.1 / 106 190

Best cheap portable speakers

Creative MUVO 2
3 960

In the design of the wireless speaker Creative decided to choose the ultimate minimalism - even the controls do not immediately catch the eye. Nevertheless, the column is not deprived of opportunities: it is even able to play FLAC from memory cards, which you expect the least from mobile acoustics. In addition, its case is protected according to IP66 standard (true, exactly as long as any wired connection is not connected - the plugs are common at the connectors, that is, open for dust and water all at once), Bluetooth is supported, and you can answer calls The phone is connected to a speaker (a microphone is built into it). Finally, it is even recognized by a computer as a USB audio card — for example, it can be connected to a laptop if the built-in acoustics in it are completely “non-ice." Forgot nothing? Oh, yes, you can buy two such speakers - they are able to work in stereo mode, independently dividing the left channel - into one, right - into the second.

The built-in battery is 2200 mAh, enough to work up to 10 hours in a row. Moreover, the manufacturer even published instructions for replacing the battery - it is the most common standard size 18650, and indeed it is nice - the manufacturer hints at the “non-disposability” of its products.

As for the sound, it is really good for this format. As a result, in the price category “up to 4000”, to which Creative even creaks but fits, we will give this inexpensive portable column to the first place in the rating without a doubt.

Main advantages:
  • Decent sound
  • Built-in player with FLAC support (!)
  • Bluetooth support with A2DP and the ability to divide the stereo signal into two speakers
  • General dust and water protective plug for all connectors and a slot for a memory card
  • The inability to connect a USB-stick
9.8 / 10
Seriously, pleasantly surprised for such a price. Cards large capacity reads normally.
3 270

Well - at least, the manufacturer approached the question of portability (but not compactness) thoroughly. The column has not only a clumsy handle, but also lugs for the shoulder strap included in the kit. For lovers of the soldering iron, there are also quite a few possibilities here: the built-in assembly of two 18650 batteries at 2000 mAh in a spacious case looks so lonely that one involuntarily wants to solder something more substantive.

With the total power of both channels at 24 W, the speaker is loud enough and at the same time capable of quite intelligible bass - no frills, but without a plastic bubble. Audio playback from USB flash drives and memory cards (no more than 32 GB capacity), AUX-port is supported, there is a built-in radio, which, by the way, uses the same AUX cable as an antenna. The player, which is not surprising for such a price, "sees" only MP3.

Well, the Chinese would not have been Chinese, without sticking here an "appendage." In the role of appendage performs light music - when working with Bluetooth or playing MP3, even the “real” one reacts to music, otherwise working according to a given algorithm. A thing, to put it mildly, not the necessary one - but the function of the power bank is definitely a plus here. We didn’t immediately mention that to solder here a few additional battery cells and ask?

Main advantages:
  • The sound is even better than you expect at first glance - unless, of course, try to unscrew the bass on the equalizer
  • Powerbank function
  • The ability to easily replace and increase the capacity of the battery - four-motion soldering iron
  • Not the best radio reception quality
  • "Dislike" for large memory cards - the cost of using a cheap controller
9.3 / 10
And it’s quite a cool marching speaker version, I must say: loud, you can also recharge your phone, and at the same time cheaply.
Awei Y280
2 900

The column Awei (I really want to read “Oi-Wei”) attracts the body with a claim to security, although in fact it is IPX4 class that pulls the maximum out of dust and dust, which is not much. But at least she is experiencing a fall quite confidently, so you can still imagine her hooked onto the steering wheel of a bicycle or a backpack. The built-in battery is 4000 mAh (we’re not going to die out - honest or Chinese, with such a price and origin, the suspicions are rarely deceived), the power bank function is provided.

Two 66-mm loudspeakers are responsible for the sound - well, let neither crystal tops nor dense bottoms such a configuration can not physically provide, the speaker plays fairly cleanly. It can work with USB-flash drives and SD cards up to 32 GB of volume, connection via Bluetooth is a classic set.

The column weighs, despite its compactness, a lot - almost 1.3 kg, so it’s not made entirely from “matches and acorns,” as you would expect from a Chinese company in this price segment. It is well worth its money.

Main advantages:
  • Body strength
  • A good sound for such a design, if you do not turn the volume "to the ceiling"
  • Powerbank mode
  • Media over 32 GB not supported
  • Dust and moisture protection is less than you expect in appearance
9.0 / 10
For cycling, the normal choice is that the column does not take up much space, the battery lasts a long time, and you can charge the phone.

Best midrange portable wireless speakers

Audio Pro Addon T3
14 990

The column is minimalist in design so much so that the inscription on the back wall of “Sound of Scandinavia” is not surprising. And the “sound of Scandinavia” here is by no means true Norwegian black metal, although, I remember, Mayhem at one time was recorded in Bergen Grighallen. Suffice it to say that for three years in a row this model received awards from “What Hi-Fi?”: In 2015 - Product of The Year, in 2016 and 2017 - Best Buy in its category.

The Addon T3 is built on a high-quality Class D amplifier (and let audio philes cut out on this phrase), which works on three channels: five watts per 2.75-inch textile tweeters and 15 watts on a woofer that reproduces the mix from both stereo channels. Behind the casing there is a bass reflex hole, which immediately gives out “homely” acoustics - in the forest or on the beach it will inevitably pick up a lot of extra, the sound does not improve even once.

The built-in battery lasts for 12 hours of operation, and at maximum volume. A nice “bonus” is that the USB connector at the back is also capable of operating as a power bank, albeit with a current limit at a single ampere mark. Well, the ability to switch to the power supply while simultaneously charging the battery will not be superfluous.

I liked the sound - let it not strike, perhaps with assertiveness, but it is well detailed, it does not mix into porridge in complex compositions. And we note that we are talking about a compact column, and even with a common channel for playing mid / low!

Main advantages:
  • Design: minimalistic, but detailed
  • Sound quality
  • Constructive impossibility of effective dust and moisture protection
9.7 / 10
Genuine leather, aluminum, clear sound - the column looks and sounds, perhaps even more expensive than the current price.
Marshall kilburn
15 450

Let the legendary British brand be associated with guitar amplifiers and cabinets in the first, second, third and fourth stages, but do not forget about portable acoustics here either: however, the design of Kilburn directly goes back to Marshall's "kombikami." Very nice retro style, we note. And Kilburn in this case is not a reference to Khorne's favorite berserkers or the first studio film Debauchery, but the area of ​​London.

The “stuffing” here is close to that used by the Scandinavians in Addon T3. The high-frequency spectrum cut out of the stereo signal diverges through two five-watt amplification channels to 2.75-inch tweeters, everything else is mixed into a four-inch speaker (15 W), and the body also has a phase inverter. The power source is four lithium-ion batteries of 18650 format, but combined into a flooded 4S assembly, available when removing the bottom cover - if it comes time to replace the standard battery, you will have to tinker. By the way, take a look at the case under the battery - find amusing under it.

There is no USB or SD card slot here: the speaker is designed only for use with an AUX cable (and the bundled one is of excellent quality) and Bluetooth. The controls, like the whole speaker, are stylized as a guitar combo - even the inclusion is responsible for the real toggle switch, the volume, bass and treble are adjusted by analog “tweeters”.

The final touch to the style is the possibility of wearing the column on a guitar strap, if the staff is short - the fastenings on the sides are designed specifically for it. As for the sound, it will not surprise: the column was clearly created by lovers of rock. This is Marshall, after all!

Main advantages:
  • For style - solid five plus
  • Sound quality
  • Proprietary Rechargeable Assembly
9.5 / 10
Passing this column is difficult, if you are familiar with the brand firsthand. And the sound she has is exactly the same as you expect.

The best high-end portable speakers

Naim Audio Mu-so Qb
58 880

Of course, this “cube” is hard to imagine on the sand or under the spruce, and it doesn’t have battery power, but we’re really the best portable speaker, and not some, but from the “widely known in narrow circles” English company , the acoustics of which, by the way, for some time now offered as an option for Bentley cars.

So, inside the “cube” with a size of 21x21x21 cm are hidden as many as two inch dome tweeters, two 2.5-inch mid-frequency tubes and two passive radiators connected to a 100-watt woofer. And, which is especially interesting - both at tweeters and at mid-range speakers it is used with its own 50-watt amplifier for each speaker, that is, in such a compact format we get 300 watts of power. But!

The sound signal processor is responsible for sound processing, exactly the same as Naim Audio offers for Bentley. It is able to “digest” lossless formats up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, and this, anyway, is a high-end application. But not forgotten, and the usual Bluetooth with support for aptX. In addition, the column can be connected via Wi-Fi and a wired LAN to streaming services, and has an optical Toslink input.

And with all this, the speaker really sounds, no matter how strange it may sound for such a format. Of course, it is not cheap, but with a discrete amplifier and acoustics for the same money is really able to argue, especially in small rooms. So Naim Audio engineers are definitely not getting their salary for nothing.

Main advantages:
  • The quality of the study of sound from the "bottom" to "top"
  • Supports multiple ways to transfer media content
  • Compactness with decent power
  • High price
  • Mains power only
9.7 / 10
The thing, of course, eccentric, but really able to surprise with sound.
Dynaudio Music 3
61 990

Unusually decorated column has a no less unusual story. It all began in the mid-nineties, when Volvo decides to turn to a little-known Danish company to create a high-end car audio system - and it does an excellent job with this task. It is the developments in the field of car audio, when you have to work in far from the best conditions both for installation and placement of speakers, and allowed Dynaudio in many respects to succeed in the field of “compact home audio”.

Music 3, despite its compact dimensions (in which the built-in batteries also fit, we note), has three amplification channels of 40 W each, so power is not deprived. Why three? Because three and dynamics - the high-frequency spectrum, which is responsible for separate inch tweeters, primarily determines the stereo-panorama, but the middle and the bottom are mixed from both channels to a common five-inch speaker: it is, in general, a reasonable solution for a compact format speaker. In addition, the manufacturer honestly declares the level of THD in the characteristics, which many brands are understandably shy of (you can squeeze a lot of watts from a compact speaker, but what about the sound?).

In addition to the obvious signal sources (at the bottom you can see the jack for AUX stereo jack and USB connector), the speaker also supports Bluetooth 4.2 and AirPlay via a Wi-Fi network. It can also find UPnP storages in this network: a complete set of features by modern standards. But, of course, the impression is spoiled by the price - Dynaudio cannot be attributed to cheap brands.

Main advantages:
  • Sound quality
  • Ability to work without mains power
  • Wi-Fi support besides Bluetooth
  • High price
9.5 / 10
The thing is curious and not bad (very) sounding - if it were not already at home "stationary", so to speak, acoustics, I would have thought.

Best Protected Portable Speakers

Dreamwave Rockstar S
39 290

This line, and the company that produces it, is quite young. But, however, they managed to become famous: with a decent enough "indestructibility" due to a competent body design (plus a dust and moisture protected), long battery life - the battery here is no less than 26 ampere hours.

Wireless portable speaker will be interesting for beach parties and things like that. Like it or not, it not only receives sound via an AUX cable or via Bluetooth (with aptX support), but is also equipped with two microphone inputs, both with a 6.5 mm mono jack. For lovers of karaoke, they even “screwed” the echo and delay, but the mention of this type of connector will make the head and the musicians comb - well, not for nothing that they called this line? Yes, you can also connect a guitar here. Of course, this is no more expensive Dreamwave Rockstar without the “S” prefix, where at all, in addition to a heap of entries for musical instruments, there is also a built-in processor with a flanger and distortion and others like them, but are they really necessary in such a format?

As for the sound, the first to be remembered is Deniska Korablev, the notorious one. What was his singing skill measured in? Yes, it is in the volume. Rockstar is not called the standard of hi-fi, and even more so it is not a high-end, but this column will fulfill its task “to give out meat louder”. And quite at the level: the author comes across amateur rock concerts every year, there is enough equipment and worse.

Main advantages:
  • Not bad, not only “dusty-good” but also “foolproof”
  • Large capacity built-in battery
  • Two mic inputs they are also used as instrumental)
  • Dimensions and weight
9.8 / 10
That in the garage at rehearsals, that in nature at amateur concerts helps out. At the same time calmly withstand traveling by electric trains and others like them. You can not drown, but you can kick it!
Ultimate Ears Megaboom
14 100

First of all, this column (by the way, a subsidiary of Logitech, by the way), especially in the black case, is associated ... hmm ... with the coffin? Yes, it seems, this also contributes to the “plus or minus” on the body, which from afar looks like the most Catholic cross. Well, at least turn upside down and turn on black metal, in fact.

The coffin is a coffin, but to ruin the Megaboom you need to try - a durable case also has an IPX7 degree of protection. That is, in theory, this column can even be released under the water to a meter depth and in this state hold for half an hour. But the dimensions and weight of a portable speaker are not as big as you might think from a photo with a retouched background - in fact, in size it looks more like a liter bottle. But at the same time, they managed to put in a battery that lasts almost 20 hours of work.

Controls - at least: on top of the power management button and the button "pairing" with a Bluetooth source, on the side - the volume control buttons (the same plus and minus). USB connectors for charging and AUX for connecting the player - below, under the plug, which, by the way, is mounted on a quarter-inch tripod thread: here, in which case, you don’t have to guess with the mount. Judging by the design, the main connection method is Bluetooth, the benefit here is both NFC and A2DP support, and the reception range of the speaker is decent.

The sound is not bad for a design with two 2-inch active emitters, but, of course, in open space it is inevitable that the volume is turned up before noticeable distortions appear. But, on the other hand, such speakers are bought primarily for the sake of “indestructibility” and compactness, and these requirements are not in the best way with sound quality.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent dust and moisture protection
  • Compact and light weight
  • The possibility of rigid threaded fastening
  • Moderate power reserve
9.6 / 10
Despite the fears, as a "road music" for a quad bike, it went perfectly - no shaking, no water, no sand, in fact, is not afraid.
Denon Envaya Pocket DSB-50BT
6 190

Denon doesn't need any special ideas. Even in such a compact format, they managed to achieve a good sound. It will not please fans of "bulging" bass (thus, that at night sitting on a bench under the windows), but here people who prefer natural sound will not be disappointed. In addition, the IP67 dust and moisture protection class is also announced for the column - this is very good.

The column, of course, supports Bluetooth, besides with aptX and the ability to create a stereo pair. There is also a built-in microphone, which for speakers with a really high level of dust and moisture protection is not as frequent as we would like - so connecting it to a smartphone will make it possible to answer calls and use voice assistants.

Two forty-millimeter speakers and a passive radiator 40x83 mm are responsible for the sound. What does the radiator? Well, in fact, of course, it is more correct to call it a passive radiator, but this copy from the English passive radiator has already managed to enter into the Russian language. Amplifier power - 2x6.5 watts. The column itself weighs a little (less than 400 g), which adds a plus sign to the impact resistance - it doesn’t hurt when it falls.

Main advantages:
  • Compact and light weight
  • IP67 dust and water protection
  • Built-in microphone
  • AptX support and stereo pair creation capabilities
  • Tight control buttons
9.1 / 10
It was even possible to get under the rain - it works as if nothing had happened.

How to choose a good portable speaker?

Let's start with the acoustics. The compact format inevitably limits the choice of speakers, and the internal volume of the speaker - and this can seriously hit the "low" and the "middle" of the sound. In addition to this, the desire of manufacturers to provide dust and moisture protection is added even though nominally - that is, phase inverters in this class are found only on medium portability columns, so to speak. The wise "sound" came up with a long time ago - a passive radiator (also known as a passive radiator in English). Portable speakers, he can and help out, and finally "kill" the sound - so to listen to such acoustics before buying is definitely.

Next is to determine what sound sources are supposed to be used. If your phone is capable of delivering high-quality sound via Bluetooth, then select the appropriate speaker for the features: this will ensure good sound quality, the absence of unnecessary wires, and convenient navigation of tracks in your favorite player installed on your smartphone. AUX-input will help out if the Bluetooth version in the phone is old, or you have a player at hand. The ability to directly read tracks from flash drives and memory cards can also be useful, but navigation (especially on complex folders) will not be very convenient, and in many columns, media over 32 GB in volume cause “indigestion.”

Specify the power source, if it is not a purely network speaker (yes, portable models are also such). The best choice, of course, is an assembly of lithium-ion batteries of travel sizes, in case of repair, they are easy to replace, sometimes even without a soldering iron. Proprietary assemblies, batteries of a "non-standard" format will require tinkering, especially if we are talking about the most compact speakers, where you can’t clear up the space inside.

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