8 best facial scrubs

We remove the "extra" without harm to the skin

Perhaps the best scrubs made by nature. Our grandmothers were always armed with coffee, oatmeal, herbs, crushed grains, sugar, and salt. These products exfoliate well, stimulate blood circulation, increase turgor and improve skin tone. However, only natural products is not enough for high-quality and careful care. In addition, home scrubs are not always convenient to apply on the face and body. But to cook them, guaranteed to have to spend a lot of time.

The problem was solved by the manufacturers of cosmetics. Natural oils and extracts they complement the functional components. The active substances make it possible to accelerate the production of the expected cosmetic or therapeutic effect from the preparations used and to improve their consistency. We included in the rating best facial scrubswhich are popular in Russia and the CIS and deserve a lot of positive feedback from customers. You can easily understand which means are more profitable by comparing prices and package size, get acquainted with typical reviews and learn about the pros and cons of candidates.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best scrubs for dry and sensitive skin1Givenchy Peel Me Perfectly Gommage9.9 / 102 055
2Scrub Cream Planeta Organica with Kenyan Shea Butter and Rice Powder9.7 / 10175
The best scrubs for normal skin1Facial scrub One hundred beauty recipes Apple10 / 10130
2Cream scrub for the face Viteks Aloe Vera9.9 / 1090
3Matt Touch by Lumene9.8 / 10450
The best scrubs for oily and problem skin1Cream scrub Librederm Seratsin cleansing with eco-granules9.9 / 10300
2Triple Bark Coating Polishing Facial Scrub9.8 / 10450
3Green Mama - Pine nut and Ussuri hops9.5 / 10260

The best scrubs for dry and sensitive skin

Givenchy Peel Me Perfectly Gommage
2,055 (75 ml)

Gommazh Peel Me Perfectly, or, as it is also called, exfoliating face cream from the French brand Givenchy - is a triple action. It thoroughly cleanses the face, aligns it and enhances the natural glow. Also gommage gives easy whitening. According to the results of the tests, 93% of the girls noted an instant effect and an amazing softness of the skin.

The texture of the cream is mousse, pleasant, rich in exfoliating microspheres. The tool is easily distributed over the skin, gently cleanses the pores, removes peeling, gives the face a smooth and healthy look. With regular use a little brightens. Tube volume - 75 ml.

Main advantages:
  • universality;
  • non-comediness;
  • prolonged effect;
  • moderate consumption.
  • impressive price.
9.9 / 10
I buy this gommage for the second time in a row, very pleased! Despite the high cost, it is the best for my sensitive skin. The face is fresh and well-groomed, I use it once or twice a week.
Scrub Cream Planeta Organica with Kenyan Shea Butter and Rice Powder
175 (100 ml)

Eco-friendly scrub cream of the Russian company Planeta Organica is designed to gently cleanse the skin and moisturize it. Its exfoliating base consists of crushed shell of pistachio, peanut and pine nuts and salts of the Dead Sea, and the presence among the components of an incredible amount of natural oils helps not to overdry the face and nourish the cells with useful substances. Many women consider this facial scrub the best in terms of price-quality ratio.

The scrub texture is rather dense, oily, but gentle and melting. It is especially good in the cold season, when the face needs additional hydration. After using the scrub, the skin becomes velvety and smooth, pleasant to the touch. Its color is aligned, the feeling of tightness does not occur. The volume of the jar is 100 ml.

Main advantages:
  • rich natural composition;
  • nourishing and moisturizing properties;
  • economical consumption;
  • affordable price.
  • due to natural ingredients can not be called hypoallergenic.
9.7 / 10
When I read the composition, I could not help wondering - so many natural ingredients in one jar! Of course, I could not refrain from buying and did not lose, the scrub is excellent, a real spa for the skin.

The best scrubs for normal skin

Facial scrub One hundred beauty recipes Apple
130 (100 ml)

Apple scrub domestic company "One hundred beauty recipes" with chopped almonds and apricot seeds as an exfoliating component designed for gentle, but at the same time deep cleansing of dead skin cells. It tones and moisturizes tissues, makes the skin fresher and more beautiful, gives it a healthy radiant look. Already more than one hundred girls called such a facial scrub the best budget tool.

Its texture is light, airy, comfortable. The scrub has a mild effect, does not scratch, evens the tone of the face, does not overdry, removes peeling, cleans pores of impurities, gives the skin a boost of energy. Does not injure tissue. The volume of the tube - 100 ml.

Main advantages:
  • low cost;
  • enough for a long time;
  • translucent packaging allows you to control consumption.
10 / 10
Only for one stunning flavor I am ready to buy this scrub again and again! Great product - inexpensive, delicate, but effective. He arranged for me in all respects and became a permanent resident of the bathroom.
Cream scrub for the face Viteks Aloe Vera
90 (100 ml)

Belarusian scrub cream brand Belita-Vitex thoroughly and gently polishes the face, frees it from the stratum corneum, improves blood circulation, accelerates the regeneration process and allows the cells to fully breathe. Almond shell powder and synthetic peeling granules serve as abrasive particles in it. And vitamin E and aloe vera juice in its composition contribute to additional hydration, nutrition and skin softening.

The texture of the tool is pleasant, creamy, moderately thick. Scrub makes the skin more smooth and silky, slightly smoothes it and gently cleanses the pores, which become less noticeable. Does not give the effect of the film on the face, does not tighten and does not dry. The volume of the tube - 100 ml.

Main advantages:
  • budget price;
  • economical spending.
  • may not like sensitive skin.
9.9 / 10
Great tool for a penny! Maybe the composition is not perfect, but it is excusable for a scrub, because it is on the face for a very short time. The main thing is that he faithfully performs his duties!
Matt Touch by Lumene
450 (75 ml)

“Matt Touch” face scrub contains menthol and therefore leaves a pleasant sensation of coolness and matte velvety on the skin. Like other cosmetics "Lumene", the scrub is based on the mineral formula and is best suited for the care of normal, oily, combination, problem skin. You can use it more often than 1-2 times per week recommended by the manufacturer. Action: deep cleansing of pores, matting, removal of dead cells, refreshing effect.

Main advantages:
  • fights imperfections (black spots, acne, acne, etc.),
  • refreshing
  • matting.
  • Not suitable for dry skin.
9.8 / 10
Lumene's Matt Touch is the best mineral scrub. I use it for deep cleansing of pores. Great luxury result for an inexpensive price.

The best scrubs for oily and problem skin

Cream scrub Librederm Seratsin cleansing with eco-granules
300 (75 ml)

Scrub for deep cleansing of the domestic brand Librederm contains granules of silicon dioxide, crushed leaf of tea tree, sulfur and zinc. This composition allows you to compete with the main drawbacks of oily, problem and combined skin of the face - to correct the work of the sebaceous glands, to narrow pores, reduce the brightness and the number of black dots, and also make the skin softer, velvety and dull.

The scrub has a thick and dense texture, silicon dioxide and a tea leaf act as cleansing particles. Peeling with them is pretty hard, so do not rub your skin too much. Scrub is easily distributed, does not provoke irritations, does not dry the face and refreshes it. Tube volume - 75 ml.

Main advantages:
  • good composition;
  • prolonged action;
  • economical consumption.
  • hardly suitable for sensitive skin.
9.9 / 10
I am absolutely delighted with this scrub - it is the best assistant for cleansing problem skin, in particular, clogged pores! Really reduces the number of comedones and makes the face more well-groomed. Recommend.
Triple Bark Coating Polishing Facial Scrub
450 (100 ml)

Cora brand scrub combines mechanical and easy chemical peeling. It provides an opportunity to effectively polish the skin, start the regeneration process and prepare the face for the subsequent caring procedures. As the peeling particles, microcrystals of silicon dioxide and jojoba granules are used in it. And lactic and succinic acids in its composition lighten and refresh the face, level the skin tone, remove comedones and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

The texture of the tool is creamy, soft. It can be used as a scrub and as a mask, leaving on the skin for a few minutes. With regular use, the scrub makes the face tender and smooth and noticeably reduces the pores, but due to the presence of acids during a period of strong solar activity and with tanned skin, it is better to temporarily refuse it. The volume of the tube - 100 ml.

Main advantages:
  • mechanical and chemical peels in one;
  • cumulative effect;
  • economical use.
  • rather big cost.
9.8 / 10
I finally found the best scrub to deal with black dots! And in general, the skin with it comes to life, begins to breathe and, it seems, even becomes more elastic. At the moment this tool is my favorite!
Green Mama - Pine nut and Ussuri hops
260 (170 ml)

Like other cosmetics of the “Green mama” line, the “Pine nut and Ussuri hop” scrub contains many natural ingredients. Mix of cereal, nut and flower oils, hop extract, agar-agar, vitamins really make it "organic." With constant use, the scrub relieves the skin not only from dead cells, but also from age spots. Active ingredients: pumice, sesame oil, cedar oil, lavender, wheat germ, hop, vitamin A, agar-agar. The scrub cleans the skin of dead cells and impurities well, stimulates renewal and softens.

Main advantages:
  • accelerates metabolic processes,
  • cleans pores
  • additionally prepares for tanning, reducing the risk of harmful UV exposure.
  • hard, not suitable for sensitive skin;
  • According to reviews, it can be stratified before the expiration date.
9.5 / 10
The best facial scrub - at Green Mom. After using it, the skin is clean, smooth, renewed, breathes.

Which facial scrub is best to choose?

It would seem that a scrub is a “simple” means of narrow action. However, his choice should be approached intelligently. Properly chosen scrub should solve problems specific to your skin type. For example, if rashes and acne appear on your face every now and then, you shouldn’t expect a miracle from a “fat” product with a soft texture.

Pamper your skin with good scrubs - and soon she will thank you for her beauty, freshness and sleek look.

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