10 best vacuum headphones

With a song for life

The best choice for everyday portable use with virtually no options remain vacuum (intra-channel) headphones (they are also called “plugs”). Small weight, compactness and reliable sound insulation make them our faithful companions in a crowded transport. “Gags” invariably return us a sense of comfort, one has only to turn on the favorite selection on the player. Surprisingly, the quality of sound, many modern vacuum headphones are almost as good as the top studio studios of the relatively recent past.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best vacuum headphones without a microphone1Westone UM PRO509.9 / 1050 390
2Dunu titan 39.7 / 107 890
3Westone UM PRO109.5 / 1013 990
4Sennheiser CX 300-II9.5 / 101 550
5Creative EP-6309.4 / 101 095
6Panasonic RP-HJE1259.3 / 10490
The best vacuum headphones with a microphone1Onkyo e900m9.9 / 1039 990
21MORE Quad Driver In-Ear E10109.6 / 107 590
3Marshall mode9.5 / 102 990
4Philips Fidelio S29.4 / 107 990
5JVC HA-FR2019.2 / 101 040

The best vacuum headphones without a microphone

Westone UM PRO50
50 390

It opens our ranking of the best Westone UM PRO50 vacuum headsets. The price of these headphones is just as monstrous (although in comparison with the Shure SE846 is still not strong), as is the list of musicians who use Westone's internal channels in their work. Given that in this list you can find many familiar names and names, regardless of musical preferences ... Perhaps these guys from Colorado Springs actually know what to ask for such money?

So, we have really professional monitor acoustics weighing 12.7 grams, however strange it may sound. Each headset has five independent drivers (and this is not the limit for the Westone), processing a band from 20 Hz to 20 kHz in aggregate, the built-in crossovers are three-lane. Yes, crossovers could really get in here! The total impedance of the system is 45 ohms, which again is a characteristic feature of professional acoustics. Sensitivity also corresponds to the declared level - 115 dB.

What can you say about the sound? He and for sophisticated hearing is as clean as you would expect from a high-end vacuum headphones. Unlike the three-driver predecessors of the UM PRO30, the density and intelligibility of the bass has significantly improved. They are a true “genre station wagon,” which does not bring any specific coloring to the sound, is extremely detailed and precise. The best traditions of Westone also support the selection of a comfortable configuration for themselves: if the company began by creating custom-fit headphones, the ear cushions of which were molded under the ears of a specific customer, then in serial production now there are as many as 10 pairs of different size and material.

Main advantages:
  • High level of wearing comfort
  • Maximum close to the standard sound
  • Price
  • Demanding sound quality: yes, your “iPhone” is not good enough for them.
9.9 / 10
The thing that can make you look at the in-ear headphones in a new way. The sound of the highest level even for a very demanding ear.
Dunu titan 3
7 890

At one time, the first series of “titans” from this company became a real discovery for music lovers, even despite the open performance and the clearly embellished “top”. Well, Titan 3 is a diligent “file completion” of the previous model, and the fruits of the work are clearly visible.

First, the headphones received a closed version and removable cables, as befits a high class. Moreover, the cables are connected via the MMCX connector, which has actually become a standard, and the replacement of wires, if desired, can be selected without problems. Secondly, they are closer to neutral sound, although Dunu is still at high frequencies and is hardly suitable for fans of funeral doom or depressive black. This does not mean that there are problems with the bass - on the contrary, it is dense and energetic, and the middle does not lose in detail, it feels very vividly to the listener. But still, Titan's “character” is felt. And, if your player suffers from distortions in the high-frequency spectrum or unnecessarily picks it up, the headphones will prompt immediately that it is time to change it.

At the same time, the Titan 3 is a fairly universal model: with an impedance of 16 ohms and a sensitivity of 110 dB, they are quite omnivorous, unlike a high-resistance high-end (especially when compared to the 120-ohm Grado GR8).

Main advantages:
  • Rich equipment
  • Stylish and "not killed" stainless steel cases
  • Sound quality
  • Average sound insulation
  • High frequency speakers
9.7 / 10
Very good plugs - beautiful, high quality, comfortable. The sound is very lively, the slightest nuances are felt - naturally, if we use lossless-formats.
Westone UM PRO10
13 990

Model UM PRO10 is the youngest representative of the line of monitors of the famous American company and provides the most "honest" transfer of reproduced sounds. The use of this luxury paired with a smartphone or an inexpensive MP3-player does not have any practical sense - the headphones can only reveal their potential together with Hi-Fi equipment, for example, Cowon.

Main advantages:
  • radiators with a balanced anchor;
  • ten pairs of nozzles of different types in the kit;
  • high-quality removable cable.
  • high price.
9.5 / 10
The best vacuum headphones for listening to acoustic music, vocals and classics on a good player.
Sennheiser CX 300-II
1 550

This Sennheiser can safely claim the title of "people's choice." For a reasonable price, the manufacturer offers us a good-quality product made of high-quality materials and having a well-chosen amplitude-frequency characteristic. The CX 300-II will surely appeal to lovers of rock, but fans of other genres will also appreciate its distinct bottoms and the purity of the high-frequency components. The average service life of these headphones is about three years and all this time they will bring you only positive emotions.

Main advantages:
  • quality of performance;
  • great sound;
  • Case included;
  • L-shaped plug.
  • somewhat littered mids.
9.5 / 10
The first "plugs" that could live more than three years. Headphones work out their price by 200%.
Creative EP-630
1 095

It is a good lift for the price of good in-ear headphones with powerful (for someone even unnecessarily) bass, which many consider to be the closest competitor to the well-known Sennheiser CX300. At the same time, their assets also have serious strength - the wire here is very problematic to break, even despite the direct jack, next to which a fracture usually arises.

Popularity has traditionally played a disservice with these headphones, forcing hardworking Chinese children to collect very believable copies in the classroom. In appearance, but not in sound quality and reliability. However, people who are seriously looking to buy "100% original" on aliexpress ... Well, you understood.

In fact, the sound here is quite characteristic: for some, the EP-630 will become your favorite model for more than one year, someone will prefer something else. But try to listen to them definitely worth it.

Main advantages:
  • Durable, though harsh cable
  • Long wearing comfort
  • Straight plug
  • Nonlinear frequency response - the sound is good, but "an amateur"
  • Wires of the same length and lack of intelligible marking "right-left" - an obvious miscalculation of designers
9.4 / 10
A purchase that paid off for one hundred percent. The sound is detailed. The bass is powerful and at the same time legible. For a thousand rubles - what the doctor ordered.
Panasonic RP-HJE125

The best inexpensive headphones plugs. Despite the modest price, these headphones will delight its owner with good bass, balanced mid and moderate high frequencies. Oddly enough, the weakest link in them are the complete ear cushions and, if the sound quality does not suit you, you should play with the selection of the "right" rubber bands, and even better - silicone. Increases the attractiveness of the model a large number of color options.

Main advantages:
  • sufficient sound quality;
  • different color options;
  • L-shaped plug.
  • shortish cord;
  • tanning plastic.
9.3 / 10
The appearance is not great, but the quality of the playback level. Conveniently, the density of the bass here is easily regulated by the selection of larger or smaller gum.

The best vacuum headphones with a microphone

Onkyo e900m
39 990

These vacuum headphones are a good choice for those who value style as well as sound quality (and willing to pay for it, hehe). Among the most deliberately high-tech Onkyo headphones, they pleasantly surprise with retro styling with a touch of steampunk. The current top-end model combines dynamic emitters with paired reinforcement in ultra-compact cases, with an impedance of 16 ohms and sensitivity of 117 dB allowing you to connect them almost anywhere ... well, if your tastes are so specific as to use high-end expensive speakers, of course.

The balanced sound of Onkyo is really great: the “membrane”, working on bass, gives excellent density and readability, despite its scanty diameter, as the frequencies grow, the “armature” starts to turn on, without spoiling the pleasure of an excessive rise or coarsening of HF. On a sufficiently powerful sound source, they are fully disclosed, allowing you to re-parse your favorite tracks on the slightest nuances of sound.

The embouchure in the kit is not as much as the expensive models of other brands, but this is by no means a minus - the fact is that the three pairs are made of a material with a memory effect, that is, they are able to adapt to Your ears. It is enough to choose the closest size and insert the headphones into the ears - while the emitters are “played out”, Comply ear cushions will have time to do their work.

Main advantages:
  • Smooth, perfectly detailed sound
  • Compatible with Google Assistant
  • Prominent style
  • Alas, the price
9.9 / 10
Undoubtedly, the best in-ear headphones that sound as good as they look
1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear E1010
7 590

“Ketaychegi burner” - this phrase from the forgotten times of the Runet of the 2000s appears again in the head when meeting 1More. Indeed, they were able to offer us four-driver “ears” in the price category, where this was not so long ago (and even with current exchange rates) even full optimists did not expect it. In this set, the dynamic emitter is responsible for low and "low-medium" frequencies, and the main part of the mid-frequency spectrum and HF is assumed by the "armature". Excellent build quality and decent packaging, rich equipment - and yes, this is a “purebred” Chinese manufacturer.

The “character” of the headphones was adjusted to the natural sound, and, perhaps, lovers of powerful synthetic bass on the verge of infrasound will not fit. But here the instrumental music and vocals here justify every ruble of price: the sound is lively, very legible - everything is heard, from the attenuation of the double bass string to the smallest shades of hi-hat rustle. Bands on different emitters are diluted delicately, there are no noticeable ear joints, spoiling the pleasure of listening.

One could expect demanding sound source, given the impedance of 32 ohm and sensitivity of 99 dB. However, smart phones with a good sound path are quite “in the teeth”, and the complete adapter from the “telephone” TRRS to standard TRS jacks will allow them to be used both with players and with a computer (the design of the adapter, which is designed just for the distance between adjacent jacks in sound cards, it hints at it especially).

Well, we are pleased to welcome in our ranking of the best vacuum headphones company, which in fact can shake the position of the recognized masters of the genre, and at the same time is not emptying the wallet.

Main advantages:
  • Great for live music, especially for professional live recordings.
  • 9 pairs of ear cushions included
  • Stylish design and build quality
  • Fixed cable
9.6 / 10
Bought for the experiment, and this experiment was the most successful of all. Awesome sound that I just did not expect.
Marshall mode
2 990

The cult manufacturer of amplifying equipment did not ignore the vacuum headphones, offering music lovers a high-quality line of headsets. On Marshall Mode, any bass songs will sound just amazing, and if you prefer other genres, pay attention to the model with a built-in equalizer. True, it will cost one and a half times more expensive, but the ability to switch the playback mode will significantly expand the area of ​​its application. Headphones are really very high quality, both in terms of sound and in terms of materials used.

Main advantages:
  • excellent detailing at mid and high frequencies, without the "porridge";
  • clip on the control panel;
  • soft wire, not afraid of frost.
  • one-button control panel;
  • No cover included.
9.5 / 10
Available branded "ears" with excellent sound and, which is much less common, high-quality microphone.
Philips Fidelio S2
7 990

The Fidelio line concentrates all the best that was invented by Philips for those who appreciate high-quality sound, and the intra-channel model S2 fully meets this requirement. Stylish design, good-quality rubberized "noodles", a convenient control panel, a sensitive microphone and, of course, a clear sound - that's what you get by choosing the designated headphones. For the sake of fairness, we note that the quality of reproduction here strongly depends on correctly selected nozzles. It is quite simple to fulfill this condition - the manufacturer has provided ear cushions not only for standard sizes, but also for pairs of intermediate ones.

Main advantages:
  • comfortable for long listening;
  • Solid hard case included;
  • flat thin rubber cable.
  • big enough weight;
  • poor sound insulation;
  • high price.
9.4 / 10
Successful intra-channel headphones of a half-open design, from which you do not even get tired of listening to music for half a day.
1 040

Compared to other low-cost headsets, the HA-FR201 stands out for its aggressive design and vibrant “acidic” colors. However, those who are satisfied with the sound with emphasized bass, can search for the same headphones in a pure black or white version. The manufacturer used neodymium magnets in the design of the emitters; therefore, the saturated bottoms do not overlap other frequencies, although it is still better to listen to rhythmic music on these “plugs”. Interestingly, the kit includes a special adapter designed to match the headphones with the output circuits of portable devices from Sony and Samsung.

Main advantages:
  • Neodymium magnets;
  • iPhone compatibility;
  • gold plated connector.
  • design on the fan;
  • accented bass;
  • no clips for mounting;
  • wire that is cold in the cold.
9.2 / 10
Good gags for lovers of energetic music with powerful bass and crisp sound in the rest of the range.

In fact, the ideal of headphones in general and vacuum headphones in particular is a rather subjective guideline, and much of it is determined by the preferred musical style, and often by the specific model of the reproducing device. Nevertheless, we tried to collect in the review the most discussed intra-canals of mostly universal purpose in all price categories, except for the most expensive ones. Good luck with your choice!

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