Scud Sakura Rims Description

Scud Sakura rims - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type ofType: cast
MaterialMaterial: aluminum alloy
ColourColor: / white / silver / black / silver + black / graphite
Standard size
Rim widthRim width: 6/7/8 / 6.5 / 7.5 "
Rim diameterDiameter of the rim: 15/16/17/18 "
Number of mounting holesNumber of mounting holes: 4/5
Diameter of hole patternDiameter of hole arrangement: 114.3 / 100/105/110/112/108/115/120 mm
Diameter of the center holeThe diameter of the central hole: 54.1 ... 72.6 mm
Departure (ET)Departure (ET): 33 ... 45 mm
WeightWeight: 0 ... 8.6 kg

Reviews of Scud Sakura alloy wheels


  • Beautiful appearance on the TOYOTA Corolla 2007 model year, especially the color of selenium.


  • Very, very bad metal. Purchase price in Surgut 3900r.

I purchased these disks in a quantity of 4pcs., After not long operation, on roads of average quality (without holes), I found 2 strong dents on 2 disks and a strong beating in the steering wheel, as a result of imbalance. Previously, I used discs of the Korean company LS and standard punching, but never, with such a movement along this route, there were no problems. Based on personal experience, I conclude: SCUD makes beautiful and smooth discs from very weak metal.
Anonim 2012-05-09 Evaluation 2


  • the most normal of the domestic drives, price-quality


  • Chinese - glamorous!

yeah, but about the tires - everything is in hernias, and the wheels are intact?! Probably, they shook the door of Surgut, lost my memory ... I gave my father Reno, 3 years they left and all are flat (scratches aren't all). what's the difference - metal is one!
efrosimov.a, 2013-04-05 Evaluation 5

I go 1 season, while very pleased, fell into a hole, a big hole, everything is ok with a disk.
sergdoki2009, 2014-12-18 Evaluation 5


  • Beautiful. Price quality at a decent level!


  • Not found

I really liked these amazing wheels !! They are perfect. Many thanks to the consultant who picked them up for my car and helped me choose.
Kuznetsova Irina, 2015-04-16 Evaluation 5


  • Narrow bolt holes. Do not get up on Volkswagen / Skoda / Audi! Be careful!

Who takes them on cars VAG, then still return.
Igor Agapov 2015-01-17 Evaluation 1

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